California Gun Club Activates New Jersey Gun Law With “Smart Pistol” (VIDEO)

Gun club’s actions may have directly activated strict New Jersey gun law

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LOS ANGELES, CA – A California gun store is facing a nationwide backlash by Second Amendment activists concerned that by selling a so-called “smart gun” the shop my have triggered restrictions on standard firearms in other states.

New Jersey recently enacted a sweeping new gun control law that requires all handguns in the state be personalized within three years of “smart guns” being sold anywhere in the United States.  It appears that Oak Tree Gun Club is the first store in the nation to retail a “smart gun,” in this case the Armatix iP1, a .22LR pistol.  The entire system costs about $1800.

The term “smart gun” is somewhat of a misnomer.  The way the gun works is that the gun will only fire once linked wirelessly to a watch (sold separately), in theory allowing just one user to fire the weapon.  However, the downside to this technology is that it does not always work, and gun owners are generally averse to adding complex and relatively fragile devices to firearms that they may one day have to rely on in a situation to save their or others’ lives.  After all, when seconds count, how many can one really spare to find and put on a watch and have it wireless sync with another device, especially when the device might require troubleshooting?

If anything, it would be more appropriate to refer to these sorts of guns as “single-user” firearms.

The Oak Tree Gun Club now denies ever having offered the Armatix pistol despite photographs of the product on their shelves and interviews with press touting the new gun.  The club at one point even repainted a section of their firing range with the logo.

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