Right to Bear Arms

Bullsh*t CNN Report Says Burglar Killed By Homeowner Was Just Pulling A “Prank”

Is there no end to the Orwellian language that will be used by the liberal media to paint gun owners in a bad light?

A recent story out of Montana featured a homeowner defending their property from a thief who had broken into their garage. CNN reported it as a “prank” calling it “garage hopping” and featuring vignettes of sad friends of the robber saying things like, “For me personally…you’ve got to ask yourself what kind of laws do they have over there?”

The thief was a German exchange student named Diren Dede, who comes from a town outside of Hamburg where owning a gun is basically impossible. But Dede wasn’t in Hamburg when he pulled his “garage hopping prank.” He was in Montana, where the castle doctrine states that lethal force is allowed if an individual reasonably believes that it will terminate unlawful entry. Still, the homeowner is being arraigned in court for the shooting.

Due to the event, Montana State Representative Ellie Hill is pushing a bill that will attempt to take the teeth out of the castle doctrine.

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