Biased Media Reporting Of The Presidential Candidates Looked at by Profile Defenders

If you’ve watched the primary or presidential debates, or spent any time reading media coverage about either of the leading presidential candidates, it’s clear that there is a great deal of extremely negative and misleading media coverage. With the negativity surrounding coverage of these candidates, many people are beginning to see how the biased media writes negatively about Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump.

Perhaps this negativity by the vast majority of media outlets is an attempt to increase readership, or maybe it’s designed as an opportunity to push their own political agenda; however, regardless of the reason, the biased reporting seems to simply show that the media has lost all sense of impartial journalism and only want to attack and demonize people. What ever happened to Evergreen stories?

For example, Donald Trump has been the brunt of almost brutal provocation over his hair, which one has to wonder how that could possibly have anything to do with the important issues facing America today. Likewise, Hillary Clinton has come under attack for everything from her wardrobe choices to the way she laughs. Even the candidates’ spouses and children have not been spared through the barrage of negative media reporting. Who to leave out the fly that flew on her face during the second presidential debate.

Of course, there is also plenty of media bias when it comes to reporting the various stands these two politicians have taken on important issues. Some media outlets attack Trump because he wants to build a wall to curb illegal immigration while others attack Clinton for her handling of Benghazi or her email scandal. Many journalists are repeatedly coming back to these issues and twisting the story with a negative spin oftentimes not properly fact checking.

Obviously, an honest and open reporting of the candidates’ positions on the issues is important, but it seems that the media has something else up their sleeves. In fact, media coverage is often not only exceptionally negative, but it is also often slanted. Digging into the dirt of the candidates’ lives in order to draw the most sensationalistic headlines seems to be more front-and-center than actually reporting on how each candidate can help create a better America.

Do the people of the United States really care about Donald Trump’s locker room banter or Hillary Clinton’s every misstep? The media inundates the public with videos of Clinton tripping as she enters her plane or of Trump drinking water at a recent debate. It’s clear that inciting hatred and dividing people by negative reporting is a way to agitate the American people.

At this point, both candidates are being hit with biased reporting that tends to take away from what people actually want to hear. The candidates have important issues that are very different from each other and the time for them to get their points across to the voters is running out. However, with the ongoing barrage of negative articles and media coverage, sifting through the antagonistic print and visual media can leave many Americans feeling frustrated.

The campaign trail is hard enough, but a media corps that’s set on inciting anger and provoking the candidates has taken away from the real job of these candidates. This is the precious time they have to get the word out, share their views for the future of the country and, hopefully, encourage voters.

With biased media taking center stage, the candidates and the American people suffer. Richart Ruddie co-founder of Profile Defenders says that media bias is something that is here to stay whether we like it or not until the U.S. gets their version of the Right to Be Forgotten.


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