Best Mediacom Internet Packages for Students Living on a Tight Budget

When choosing an internet service provider, students have limited options due to the low budget and premium needs. However, a low budget does not mean that students need to settle for less and sacrifice on the quality of services.

Students are under constant pressure due to low funds and high expenses. Paying $250 every month for internet service would only put a big dent on their budget. But students can’t afford to live without the internet because they need to complete their assignments, prepare for quizzes and spend some time on entertainment.

In this post, we are going to break down the best Mediacom internet packages in 2020 for students. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Mediacom Prices and Plans 

Speed is the top priority for every internet user and when it comes to Mediacom, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, you need to confirm whether the plans are available in your area or not. Here is a look at some of the internet packages offered by Mediacom.

-Internet 60 is best for students and small families. The package is ideal for light to moderate internet users

-Internet 200 – For moderate to heavy users, who are looking for high-speed browsing and want to enjoy gaming and streaming as well

-Mediacom offers speed up to 1 Gig Internet too that is ideal for heavy gamers and streamers

The plans are offered for low prices, but you need to keep in mind that after one year, the monthly bills gradually increase. It should not come as a surprise because almost every other internet service provider does the same. This price hike is somewhat tricky to handle for most consumers. Plus, the rates do not increase at once but add up gradually.

To help you understand how it’s done, let’s say you have signed up for an Internet 500 plan with a starting price of $69.99 per month. The offer looks well within the reach of your budget. But after one year, be prepared to pay $30 extra on your monthly bills, amounting to $99.99 per month!

The price shocks are not yet over because if you have completed 3 years with Mediacom, you would be paying $119.99 per month. The deal that was looking lucrative and cost you under $100 per month at first has now increased to $119.99 per month. As a student, make sure to do all the calculations beforehand.

Mediacom Data Caps 

The internet has become a necessity more than a luxury. Having a data cap on your package means that you need to be careful when gaming online or streaming. For students, who need the internet for normal browsing and socializing, lower data caps go well. However, if more devices are connected simultaneously, with varying internet usage, singing up for higher data caps would be better.

Mediacom has its own set of data caps and if you exceed your limits, you need to pay extra $10 for every additional 50 GB.

Mediacom Equipment Fee

After you have signed up for the Mediacom internet plan, you just need a modem that would cost you an additional $11.50 per month. To avoid this monthly fee, it is recommended to buy your modem. You can find plenty of modems available online including TP-link, Netgear, and Motorola. Just check the prices and pay at once to avoid the $11.50 monthly fee.

Bundle Plan – Great Deal for Students  

Bundle plans are a great deal for students because they can combine internet and cable TV, and enjoy the extra perks and incentives. For instance, “Mediacom Silver 60 Double Play” is ideal for students as it offers speeds up to 60 Mbps along with 170+ channels, 400 GB monthly data caps, and a Total Defense™ Internet security suite.

Final Verdict  

Mediacom internet is without a doubt the best option for students looking for affordable connectivity. Although the prices tend to increase over time, you will not be charged extra for cancellation due to a ‘no-contract’ policy. However, make sure to give Mediacom a notice of seven days before your cancellation. Compared to other ISPs, Mediacom is a great cable internet provider for students in 2020.


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