Best Academic Assignment Tools Every Student Should Know

Students from every major are usually assigned with various academic tasks and assignments during a semester. These academic tasks include assignments, thesis, and project reports or proposals. Completion of these tasks matters a lot in semester grading and overall academic career of students.

Students have to put a lot of concentration and effort in their academic assignments to get good grades. This hard work would ultimately prove valuable and pay off when they enter in the practical field. Students are usually expected to write down their practical observation and experiment results in assignments.

In addition to hard work, students also need some assistance to compile their experimental observations and perspective while transforming them in the shape of words. Students are asked to submit their assignments in soft form, these days.

They need some tools to enhance the quality of their academic assignments. The quality of these assignments could be checked and improved through some technical tools. A lot of students already know about these tools but fail to gain access to quality tools for improvement of their academic assignments.

In this article, we will discuss some tools which should be used by students to improve the content of their academic assignments and ultimately grades. Here is a list of tools students need for their academic assignments:

Word Counter:

Word count is essential while working on academic assignments. Teachers and grading authorities often impose a limit on the number of words included in an academic assignment. Students have to consider the word limit while working on an assignment.

Although, the computer programs or applications used for writing content like Microsoft office. show the word count. Just word count is not enough. Students sometimes need more than just word count of their document to evaluate their own work.

Therefore, plenty of online tools named as word counter are available to evaluate the written data and describe statistics related to this data. Most of these tools require a considerable amount of time before showing anything useful regarding the written document.

Shortage of time becomes an issue sometimes. Therefore, you need a quick and efficient tool to show the stats about your assignment swiftly. We recommend the use of the word counter tool available on the website for free. This efficient tool can really help students in a detailed evaluation of their assignments.

In addition to word count, this handy tool provides various useful statistics regarding the written document under consideration. It shows a number of sentences written in the document and the time required to read the whole document. It also tells the time required to speak the written content.

This word counter by also figures out the average sentence length in terms of word and average word length in terms of characters. It also displays the longest word and sentence in the document. Moreover, it also shows 3 mostly used words in the document.

Hence, if you are planning to evaluate your own assignment by yourself before submitting it then the use of word counter by is a must.

Grammar Checker:

Another issue with academic assignments is grammatical mistakes. Students in a sense of hurry, often ignore grammatical mistakes in their assignments which pose a bad impression on authorities or people evaluating academic assignments. Sometimes this could also impact the grades of students.

Therefore, students should make sure that their academic assignments are free of grammatical mistakes. The rectification of grammatical mistakes is easy these days. All you have to do is to evaluate your written content with the help of any grammar checker online.

One really efficient tool for this purpose is grammar checker by This tool figures out a variety of grammatical mistakes in a document. It shows mistakes like spelling mistakes, improper use of tenses, wrong active or passive voice, wrong reference of pronouns, redundancy of expression, and fragmentation of sentences in a document.

Thus, it checks a document for all types of mistakes and suggests proper rectification. Moreover, this grammar checker is available for a variety of languages like Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish in addition to English. So, it is suitable for people who strive to learn and write in foreign languages.

The Grammar checker should also be used by teachers and other academic entities to ensure the quality of academic assignments submitted by students. These assignments could be used to teach new students in the future. That’s why it is necessary to maintain a benchmark of standards for academic assignments.  Grammar checker by is a perfect tool to ensure a grammatical mistake-free document.

Readability Checker:

Another important criterion for the evaluation of academic assignments is the readability of an assignment. Readability means the ease to read a document. It is simply an index to measure that a student related to which grade can read and understand ta document easily.

The grades start from 5th grade and go up to the graduate level. The readability of a document is rated from 0-100. A document’s score somewhere between 90 and 100 means that it is easily readable and understandable for a primary grade student and it is very easy.

And it goes up to graduate-level students, the score of a document which is very difficult and could be only read and understood by graduates is 0-30. The tool used to appraise the readability of a document is called a readability checker.

A great readability checker is available on check-plagiarism for free. It calculates the readability of a document using multiple grading methods and then figures out an average. This tool is great for students who want to check the ease of understanding for their documents.

Teachers can also use this readability checker before issuing their academic notes to appraise their notes. If difficult words are used in their notes it might become difficult for students to understand and would ultimately cast a negative impact on their academic concepts.

Plagiarism Checker and comparison tool:

Another problem with academic assignments is plagiarism. Plagiarism in any academic assignment above a certain level is prohibited and it can be really harmful to the career of students. Students use a lot of sources to accomplish their academic tasks.

If they use a similar expression in their assignments, it would result in plagiarism. To prevent plagiarism students should use a plagiarism checker and plagiarism comparison tool. A plagiarism comparison tool enables students to check if their assignment is too much similar to the source documents. A plagiarism checker enables you to check if there is any other similar document present on the web.

With the help of above-discussed tools, students can prepare plagiarism free academic assignments which would ultimately result in good grades.

Final Words:

We have discussed some useful tool which is required by students for improvement in their academic assignments. We hope this discussion would be helpful for students and they would consider the use of these tools in the preparation for their academic tasks in the future.

We wish you the best of luck and happy grades!

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