Avoiding Scams When Sending Money Abroad

Money transfer apps, websites, and services have become very popular recently because they are a convenient and cost-effective option for sending and receiving money internationally. The bad news is that scammers always target new technologies and services. Such scams typically happen when many people do not have a full understanding of how to use them and protect themselves while doing so. Learning how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is not difficult. Here are a few ways of doing it.


Always Confirm Requests for Money

Every day, people receive emails asking for money from a loved one. This typically happens when one has a loved one in a developing country who might need your help. Many people do not think twice about such requests and send the money, only to find out later that the loved one never requested the money or received it.

Always confirm any requests for money, especially from people living abroad. Call them or get in touch another way to find out if they are the ones who have made that request. If not, you can report the email to your email provider so it is marked as spam and you do not receive an email from the sender again.

Use a Reputable Platform

Always use a reputable platform when sending money abroad. The platform and service you use should have a great reputation and be transparent enough to tell you what is going on every step of the way. Using Ria international money transfer, for example, allows you to see what is going on at every step so you always know where your money is. This is also a trusted platform that has been in the business for years without complaints from customers.

Additionally, reputable platforms like these have strict security measures to protect you from scammers.

Never send money through a lesser-known and less reputable service because scammers are always looking for platforms that are as opaque as possible. They want it to be as difficult as possible to track payments or to recover them in cases where you know where the money went.

Always Check The Recipient’s Details Twice

It is always a good idea to check the recipient’s details twice before confirming payment. The good news is that apps like Ria Money Transfer save details of the people you have sent money to in the past, so you only need to do this once when you send money to someone for the first time.

Double Check Charities that Ask for Money

Unfortunately, we live in a world where scammers use the plight of underprivileged kids to get money out of their victims. If you receive an email asking for a donation, which typically happens around the holidays, take your time to research the charity to ensure you are giving money to the right people. Most charities have a donation button on their websites; use it to avoid sending money to scammers.

Scammers are successful because they know they can disappear as soon as you send them money. Doing your due diligence, being careful when sending money abroad, and using a reputable platform or service can all help save you from losing money.


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