Artificial intelligence in online casino support services – how bots communicate with players

In many virtual casinos you can get instant help using a special chat room. The alternative is an official appeal to the administration, for this you will have to write a letter to the email and expect a response within five days. Most often this option is not considered, since in most cases the client needs prompt, urgent support. Of course, we are talking about establishments with a reputation and good reviews. It is worth trusting only licensed companies, try to choose one of the independent casinos uk on the site. Casinos are increasingly using AI technology, and it turned out to be not only modern, but also effective. The following advantages of such systems can be emphasised:

  • automatic operation without failures;
  • round-the-clock functioning;
  • fast processing of requests;
  • possibility of switching to an administrator;
  • flexible approach to clients, etc.

You can find the chat on the main page, but in most cases it reminds you of itself. It is either a blinking icon or an opening window with a question: “Are you alright? Need help?” The bot usually has a common name and may appear to be a human, a counsellor. It’s done this way for convenience. The bot answers with natural phrases, and there is no feeling that it just copies the text. Do not immediately close the chat, thinking that communication with the machine is useless. In fact, it is through AI that most problems are solved, statistics show this. Let’s further analyse how bots communicate with players, what is the principle of their work. Let’s evaluate their effectiveness and summarise the results.

How to properly address a bot

You do not need to precisely formulate your request, as in an official message. Just write what you are having trouble with in the chat and expect a response. Almost every online casino site has a FAQ section that answers the most common questions and explains how certain problems are solved. When you write to the chat, the bot first of all looks for matches with queries from the above section. If several matches are found, the “operator” recommends you to click on the link. In most cases, it contains the answer to your question. You should not be surprised, since the answers were compiled on the basis of numerous requests.

If it was not possible to solve the problem at once

Next, the bot will ask: “Did you manage to solve the problem?” If there are any other questions, you can ask them. It may happen that your problem is atypical and there is no article in the FAQ section. In this case, the bot will ask you to formulate your query briefly and highlight the keyword. It can be “withdrawal”, “delay”, “doesn’t work”, “can’t find” and so on. Then your interlocutor will clarify the question, for example: “Did you deposit funds into your account but they didn’t show up in your profile?”. If yes, he will explain that you need to wait 5-10 minutes for crediting the funds. Questions are often asked about wagering bonuses. The assistant answers that all conditions must be met: terms, wager, choice of slot and others.

When you are transferred to a live consultant

There are questions that the bot can not answer, for example, the reason for your blocking or a serious delay in the transfer. In such a case, you will be prompted to chat with a live specialist. There are problems that are solved only through the administration. For example, if you want to withdraw money to another card or wallet, you will have to confirm your identity, send copies of documents and paid utility bills. For this reason, it is recommended to use a single method for depositing and withdrawing funds. Fraudulent tricks have long been uncovered: the bot detects suspicious questions and immediately warns of risks. You can not play from multiple accounts and allow minors to play slots.

The function of relaxed communication in the chat room

You can pay attention to the fact that bots are adapted to society and possess conversational forms. This means that in online chat you will be answered with simple phrases without clericalisms. The bot recognises slang expressions and is open to open communication. If you observe the case of letters, spelling rules, punctuation, the bot will adapt to your style and will respond as concisely and meaningfully. Nowadays, this is possible thanks to AI. Even if you forget to switch the keyboard layout, the bot will recognise the text and answer you. You can ask the bot if it’s human, to which it will give you an honest answer. You should not fool around in chat, as you may be blocked and further help will be difficult.

To summarise

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is actively used in online casinos. In a special chat room you can get answers to all your queries or contact a live specialist. The virtual assistant has not only a system of recognising the request by keywords, but also adjusts to your style, making communication relaxed and easy. Practice shows that such AI-based bots find a solution to the problem in most cases. You can usually ask questions on the website or on the Telegram channel. On the plus side, your enquiry will be processed at any time, and you will receive a response without delay.

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