7 Ways To Create A Positive Workforce And Increase Employee Productivity

When employees are happy at work, they are naturally going to be more dedicated, creative, and innovative. This benefit extends to the companies they work for, boosting their bottom line. In addition, it adds to job satisfaction, so employees are more likely to stay on the job rather than look for something better leaving behind a void for you to fill.

In contrast, when employees are not happy, it can also affect business results. They are more likely to miss work, have more accidents, and make 60% more mistakes, which can be quite costly. It pays to make sure that your employees are truly satisfied with their jobs. Here are seven ways you can create that positive, happy environment for your employees.

  1. Hire Based on Personalities

Skills are important when it comes to hiring, but it is equally as important to match employee personalities with the existing work environment. Just because someone has the necessary experience to fill a position doesn’t mean that they are the best person for the job. You know your office culture and only you can determine if that person is going to contribute in a positive way to the cohesiveness of the workplace or bring it down.

  1. Set A Positive Tone

Most employees will take their cues from you. If you enter the workplace projecting the feeling that you are happy to be with them they are more likely to respond in a positive way. Take the time to stop and chat, greet them with a smile, and show some interest in their personal lives. This can lower the stress level and show them that you are interested in them personally and their welfare.

  1. Break Up The Routine

Don’t be afraid to break up the monotonous routine of regular work by taking them out of the work environment from time to time. Try planning several events that employees can do together where they can have a little fun. A company picnic, a movie night, or anything else you might think of that can give something back to them. This will boost their creativity and their commitment to their job.

  1. Give Recognition When Due

One of the main reasons for employee dissatisfaction is the feeling of being under appreciated. By offering recognition in the form of awards or praise, your employees will be eager to make contributions to the success of the business. If you find that someone deserves this type of recognition because they have gone over and beyond expectations, don’t wait for the annual review – instead, recognize it as soon as possible.

  1. Encourage Life Outside Of Work

Don’t expect them to give up their personal lives. Encourage them to spend more time with their families or to do something that is personally rewarding. People are much better at coping with work challenges when they feel that they have something worthwhile waiting for them when they leave.

  1. Help Them To Be A Part Of The Bigger Picture

Employees are more dedicated to their work when they see how they firt in the overall scheme of things. When they know exactly how their contribution will impact the business and can see how the inner-workings of the department connect, they can feel like they are a part of something much bigger than themselves and will be more committed.

  1. Focus On The Positive

Rather than dwelling on the negative issues that come up, focus more on the things that have gone well. When you are looking for positive things, you can find them. While you don’t want to ignore things that can go wrong and can be detrimental to success, it is important to bring out positive aspects of their work whenever possible so that the focus is more on what works rather than what doesn’t.

A happy workplace environment takes work. When you apply these basic guidelines, you won’t get caught up on the negatives but can focus on those little things that can make a major difference in the lives of your workers. The changes might be subtle at first, and may take some time to put into practice but eventually you will produce an environment that your employees will be happy to come to every day.