7 Clues That You Might Be Debating an Idiot

If you’re a political poster on social media, you have had your share of infuriating arguments. Here’s a guide to tell if the person you’re arguing with is worth your time. If the person you’re debating commits these debate sins, they may just be an idiot.

1. Ad Hominem

ad hominem

If the person you’re debating is quick to insult and more likely to levy charges against your person than they are to actually respond to arguments you’re making, you might be debating an idiot.

An ad hominem is any personal attack in lieu of substantive arguments; it doesn’t matter if it’s levied against you or another individual.

The ad hominem attack is the last resort of the factually bankrupt. Don’t waste your time with someone of such tendencies. Every day I have expletives hurled at me over a range of issues. It used to irk me, but now I find it amusing.

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