5 Ways the Government is Like a Crazy Girlfriend

by Jose Nino

Girlfriends can be man’s most reliable partners, but at the same time, they can be man’s greatest nightmare. No man is complete without having his fair of bad relationships here and there. Some relations start out well and fizzle out, while others are just bad from start to finish. At times, a man must cut his losses and go his separate way once he has put up with too much abuse.

Since time immemorial, mankind has had to deal with good governments, mediocre governments, and absolutely awful governments. Like relationships, government’s interactions with citizens must come with certain boundaries and limits. If they are not followed, things will go south really fast.

There are many similarities between a government out of control and a girlfriend that has completely lost her marbles.

Let us begin:

#1. She’s High Maintenance

Every crazy girlfriend comes at a price. A steep one for sure. Expensive dates, random shopping sprees, overpriced gifts, unexpected vacations, etc. are all just part of this all-inclusive package to financial misery.

And what does this get you in return? Little to nothing.

Just like the crazy girlfriend, the State has its exorbitant maintenance costs. Public education, defense spending, entitlements, bureaucracy; someone has to foot the bill for all that crazy spending. In the end, you the taxpayer, must pay up. Rest assured, the government services you receive are third rate at best.

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