5 Ways the Government is Like a Crazy Girlfriend

#3. She Drags You Into Fights and Other Forms of Drama that Have Nothing to do With You

Crazy Girlfriend

When going out, don’t be surprised if your kooky girlfriend tries to entangle you in fights with exes, girls she’s jealous of, and other people she has an axe to grind with. Like any chick that’s totally off her rocker, she expects you to step up and fight her battles. What do all of these third parties have in common?

You guessed it: THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WITH YOU. Her ego gets a boost, while you put your reputation and possible health (if things get physical) on the line.

Sounds a whole lot like US foreign policy these days. Wars with countries that we US citizens have no quarrel with, clandestine military operations, and CIA coups are just some of the notable ways that the American government tries to stick its nose into the affairs of other countries. All of this is done under the name of “national security”.

In reality, this is all about State security. Taxpayers and soldiers with no choice in this matter will be the ones assuming these costs, while the State wins. A zero-sum relationship at its finest.

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