3 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Prescriptions

Prescription drug prices in the United States have been rising for years, and for the average patient, that means it can be tricky sometimes to figure out how to afford their prescriptions. The cost of prescription medication has been a topic of much political debate in the U.S., but American consumers have yet to see any meaningful change to the system that has many wondering how they’re supposed to keep up with their medical costs. Luckily for many, the advent of the internet has helped empower patients to find ways to manage the costs of their care. Your medications only work if you take them, so read on to learn more about three great ways you can save money on your prescription drug costs.

1. Use a prescription discount service

Every local pharmacy prices their drugs differently and sources their medications through various middlemen. This means that there are many opportunities to find discounts at different points in the supply chain. Companies like USArx offer customers significant discounts off the retail price of their prescription drugs. Call the pharmacies in your area to get a general idea of their prices, and search for coupons and discounts from USARx that you can use to lower your out of pocket costs as much as you can. You can find coupons for everything from slim tea to erection gel; you just need to be willing to look.

Another option is to seek out a manufacturer’s coupons for the prescription drugs they manufacture. Occasionally, they will provide a special offer for new patients or those being prescribed a drug for the first time. If you can demonstrate financial hardship, you may also qualify for a different special offer based on your status.

2. Ask about a generic

Switching to a generic version of the same medication can save you a lot of money. If you’ve heard names like doxycycline instead of Monodox or found information on levothyroxine when you search for “info synthroid” on Google, you’re probably familiar with the concept of generic medications. Generic medications contain the same active ingredients as brand-name medications, for a substantially lower cost. If your doctor prescribes you a brand-name drug, ask if there’s a generic you could take instead, or if a similar drug has a generic version.

3. See if you can be prescribed a different dosage

Some medications are easy to divide using a tool like a pill splitter. That means your doctor could prescribe you a larger dosage and have you split the pills in half, allowing your monthly supply to last twice as long. Another option is to save on co-pays by asking for a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply. You’ll only have to cover the insurance copay once every three months, rather than every month. Some medications can’t be split, such as many types of extended release pills, but you should ask your doctor if a different dosage could work for you.

While the cost of prescription medications in the United States can be high, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options for helping to reduce your out of pocket costs. Discount services like USA Rx make savings more accessible than ever, offering coupons on almost every major drug. Not only that, but your doctor may be able to change your dosage or switch you to a generic medication to reduce the retail price of your prescriptions. Being able to afford and access prescription drugs is a substantial component of medication adherence. With a little effort and research, you’re likely to find a way to save some money on almost all of your prescriptions.


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