10 Uncommon Ways to Spend Gambling Winnings

Despite the varying reasons gamblers have for visiting their favourite gambling destination that falls on the list of best online casino reviews, it all comes down to trying to win some money. And now, you have finally done it – you have collected some big bucks and are ready to hit the road as a high roller.

Most casinos offer their big winners various upgrades and incentives to push them into spending their prizes to try and win some more. But if you want more adventure, here are ten uncommon suggestions to kick start your journey to living large.

1.   Visit Space

Visiting space seemed like a far-off venture a decade ago, but it stands as a reality today for those with a lot of money to spare. Space visits are courtesy of several firms including Virgin Galactic, which accepts applications for people willing to part with an upfront commitment fee of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Before boarding the ship and blasting away, one is expected to go through a three-day training process that prepares them for the new world they are entering.

2.               Build an Adult Treehouse

If space sounds like a too farfetched expedition, try channelling your inner child and build a treehouse. Even if you had one as a kid, this time, you have a big bank account to ensure it is not just a couple of boards thrown together. Research indicates that adult treehouses are growing as a trend around the world. You can join the luxurious end of the club and build one with bedrooms, skylights, and even fireplaces. Such houses can cost as much as four hundred thousand dollars.

3.               Invest in the MMJ Business

The possibility of this venture depends on whether your jurisdiction has legalised medical marijuana. If it has, pump money into the new branch of medical business. The marijuana business is currently booming, and it is predicted that a large portion of the world will have legalised the medicine within the next decade. The returns of the business could have you set for life if it is run properly.

4.               Create Entertainment

If you feel like you have an artistic bone in your body that was never explored due to the lack of funds, then now is your time. With a surplus of cash, you can hire artists, actors, and musicians to help you along the journey. Creating most forms of art that depend on media to sell is not cheap, but with big enough gambling winnings, this dream can be realised.

5.               Hire Performers

If you do not feel like creating art of your own, you can have those that have excelled in the business perform in private events. If your money is adequately stacked, you can forget front row seats to concerts and have artists come to you instead. The hiring rates range between a few thousand dollars to more than one million. Artists like Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Madonna only show up for prices that skyrocket up to two million dollars.

6.               Take a Loan

Taking a loan may sound crazy considering you have just collected a massive prize pool. However, most wealthy people have made this a habit as a way to improve their credit ratings. The loan can be to start a business, which can quickly be paid back using your wins. As brilliant as this idea sounds, do not cross over to insanity by taking a loan that is bigger than your winnings by a lot. Doing so could have you easily end up in debt.

7.               Try Expensive Cocktails

If you have a taste for fine drinks, then ditch the cheap liquor and indulge in what the world’s elite have in their glasses. The Algonquin Hotel, New York offers such luxury with the drink Martini on the Rock. Martini on the rocks is a common drink, but this one replaces ordinary ice with a single diamond, which completes the pun in its name. The cocktail comes attached with a price tag of between ten and fifteen thousand dollars, and it requires a three-day reservation.

8.               Eat Expensively

Treat your taste buds to a Mandalay Bay burger that costs as much as the average car. If your winnings allow you to throw around five thousand dollars, you get a Wagyu beef party with slabs of foie gras placed on a freshly-baked bun.

9.               Open a Night Club

There is no better way to own the party than to own the club itself. All you have to do is hire the right people, and you will be a passive owner enjoying the nightlife.

10.         Tour the North Pole

For a sweet thirty thousand dollars, you can take a trip to the North Pole for fourteen days. Hiking, Snowshoeing, and air balloon rides are some of the expeditions the icy waters of the Arctic ocean have to offer.

Landing a large pooled prize is a dream come true for a lot of people. If lady luck places you in this group, you can throw around ideas on how to spend money such as those mentioned above, or invest in new games. Nonetheless, keep in mind that true power lies in creating new wealth with your new-found one.


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