10 Chris Rock Quotes That Are Libertarian As F*ck

If Everybody Hates Chris, it might be because Chris Rock is Libertarian and doesn’t know it yet!

By Lina Bryce

Chris Rock is known to be politically cynical and may even be heard praising Democrats and ripping into Republicans. Rock may have even been a little too complimentary of socialist liberals at times, favoring President Barack ObamaHillary Clinton and Al Gore, reportedly donating $42,100 Democratic campaigns.

[divider]But, wait! Put your pitchforks down![/divider]

An important distinction to make is that Rock’s views are not always so one-sided. In fact, some of Rock’s quotations have been ideologically consistent with resisting the idea of a ‘collective’. Here’s a list of 10 Chris Rock Quotations that sound more libertarian than liberal:

1. “Democrats are idiots. Republicans are idiots. Conservatives are idiots. Anyone that makes up their mind before they hear the issue, is a f*cking fool. Be a person. No normal, decent person is one thing. Listen first then form an opinion.” 

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