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Single Mom Hailed As Obamacare Success Story Now Can’t Afford Healthcare! (VIDEO)

A Washington state single mother who was hailed as one of the Obamacare success stories by the president last month recently discovered that she actually can’t afford healthcare due to the Affordable Care Act.

Jessica Sanford had written to the president that she was so excited about what she considered “affordable health care” thanks to the Washington state health care exchange. President Barack Obama included her email in his press conference last month to defend his signature legislation. Just three days after she sent that email she received letters from the exchange saying that her tax credit was reduced and her costs would go up. Then she received another letter saying her tax credit was totally taken away.

Sanford says that now she can’t afford insurance due to the exchanges and she’s not the only one. Many other people are now reporting that they are similarly losing their tax credits and will be unable to afford the high premiums.

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