Refusing To Be A Victim

Lance Thomas was a successful watch dealer in West Los Angeles for fourteen years. When a series of crimes began occurring in his neighborhood he decided to buy a gun to defend himself. What happened next is an all American tale of heroic self defense in the face of hardened criminals.

About The Author

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

83 Responses

  1. Zearing Hubbard III

    And they were all good boys just starting to turn their lives around, such a shame…………………………….

  2. Viet Vet 67

    He could have fired a “warning shot” and not hurt the poor robbers. This is just so wrong on every level! NOT!! Too bad he didn’t kill all of these punks!!

    • RobinHood

      Agreed. Warning shot my ***. If they’re robbing you, and you make the decision to pull a gun, you’ve already made your decision to kill because if you don’t, THEY will be the one to put you down. A Mexican standoff is also unnecessary.

      • Chris Hunter

        If you pull a gun, be prepared to fire it. You shoot to kill. Can you say pansy freak?

      • Chris Hunter

        well, the next time someone breaks into your house with a shotgun, let me know how that turns out for you.

      • nathan bedford

        wouldn’t being in the military, and in a combat MOS, make you a blood thirsty freak as well? don’t tell me you joined to serve yer cuntry, because that’s bullshit, you’re serving a masonic pile of shit.

      • Phil Ossiferz Stone

        Honestly, how is defending yourself against violent crooks bloodthirsty? What kind of weird private universe do you live in?

  3. JB

    He looks like he’d fit right in the wild west.. xD – Punks be stupid trying to rob him in the first place.

  4. DeeDee1213

    So the Criminal who was attempting ARMED Robbery ..only got 5 years ????
    GOOD Job on the part of the Shop Owner…!!! However, the sentence for the THUG should have been much longer

    • 18square

      The important thing is he will still be able to vote demoCRAP!

    • Andy Green

      Should have killed him. Now he’ll have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his days.

  5. MJ Swe

    Wow. Lance rocks! Maybe they should clone him and the thug population would go down quickly.

    • christianh

      Or maybe you should be more worried about the rich buying your government out from under you and education would be a priority… The best way to get rid of thugs…

      • EJA

        Or we could have the death penalty for armed robbery, crack possession or criminal street gang membership…….

      • christianh

        Or we could let the oil and gas barons finishing poisoning the South…

        Then you won’t know…

      • EJA

        Or we could drill for more oil and gas (especially on federal land) so our country becomes completely energy independent and our citizens have more money in their pockets.

        Then we won’t need to import any more oil from the middle east….

      • christianh

        So basically, you’re ANOTHER idiot who thinks we can breathe soot… AWAY WITH THEE VERMIN… Move to Shanghai and you’ll have the pollution you want…

      • EJA

        Only an idiot would want more expensive gas and less energy independence……AWAY WITH THEE VERMIN… Move to Shanghai and you can have all the communism/socialism you want…

      • christianh


        Shanghai has PLENTY… people there are selling air…

      • EJA

        Solar/wind and electric are unable to meet our energy needs. Oil, natural gas and coal are in virtually limitless supply…………the earth is made of them. There are many wonderful things about America…….one of the greatest things is that YOU can leave whenever YOU so desire. Don’ let the door hit you on the way out. No one is falling for the socialism disguised as environmentalism B.S. anymore.

      • christianh

        Maybe you should ask SCIENTISTS and not idiots… Oil is NOT limitless but your ignorance seems to be…

      • EJA

        Are you referring to the SCIENTISTS who said we would deplete all oil and natural gas by the late 1980’s or the SCIENTISTS who said in we were on the verge of the next ICE AGE during the 1970’s? Also I said VIRTUALLY limitless in my post. A person as vastly intelligent as you appear to be can read can’t you? There is a massive amount of oil and natural gas remaining……..the reserves are virtually limitless.

      • christianh

        I don’t remember hearing that but we do HAVE TO pump Methane into the ground to help replenish it…

        Google it…

      • Ted Hughes

        The sudden increase in Global Warming/Climate change is going to suffocate us sooner than that. Have you looked out the window this Winter? I live on the East Coast and I am planting Palm and Banana trees today.

      • RM1234

        The oil we produce now is sold on the open market to the highest bidder and does not benefit us at all

      • EJA

        Yea………no one’s 401k has any oil investments in it. Perhaps we should hoard our oil, I will have to give that some thought, but we should definitely drill for and produce as much as possible.

      • bormanator

        Increased world supply lowers the world price. We all benefit.

      • christianh

        We all benefit by looking like Shanghai…? You’re SUICIDAL…

        And obviously a Republican…

      • bormanator

        No, we benefit from lowered prices. We have pollution standards in the US, never will be like China. Have you ever been to the USA?

      • bormanator

        You could give up your car and electricity. It’s a way to make your point.

      • christianh

        I did… Give up my car… I’m trying to move to solar power but I have to own my house…

      • Ted Hughes

        Never had an oil or gas baron come in and try to rob one of my shops?

      • Andy Green

        I think a lot of people in this conversation have ADD. When and how does self defense get to solar and wind power? If you have any more of the drugs your on….you should share with the rest of us…

      • EJA

        Christianh is mentally ill. She switched to environmentalism several posts ago and I could not resist keeping it going. I should not feed the trolls.

      • christianh

        I can talk about how you cover up the crimes of the white people in jail while harping on ANY thing done by blacks…

        And when you consider how you discriminate in the justice system, even nerdy black guys want to shove the BS up your ass…

      • EJA

        You aren’t making any sense. If the white people are in jail then how are their crimes covered up? You do not have to answer that……the more you type the more you increase your carbon footprint.

      • christianh

        No, he just forces your costs higher by not paying taxes… Just like Texas is UNPAVING roads which means if you have a small delivery business they have just robbed you, MORON… Or MORAN as you GOPers spell it…

      • Ted Hughes

        Unpaving roads – dustification – Gopers. You’re a truther, aren’t you? Maybe you can clear things up for me: Was it a flying disc or a cruise missile, high power electron beam/particle weapon, external explosive attached to the non existent plane, explosive devices attached to columns/beams, metal beams cut with thermite. Your entire cult following agree on all of the above, but there were only two buildings. Question, were these methods divided up between the building? Maybe I should contact Judy Wood. She knows everything. By the way, capitalization does not make printed words louder..

      • Andy Green

        What? What conversation are you a part of? How does that even remotely relate to this topic…must have your own agenda.

      • christianh

        Simple, I ‘m black and they made it like we all do that but at the same time you have more victims of gunshots than the urban areas…

      • Tyler Herron

        So basically just target black communities with death, right?

        And state punishment > rehabilitation, especially for victimless drug use crimes? Very libertarian of you.

      • Marna McAlexander

        No, Tyler, not “the black communities” as a whole, just those members of the black communities who end up being lawless thugs. There are consequences to our actions and if those actions are harmful to others, you lose your right to remain free, or in some cases, you lose your right to live. I have no sympathy for these thugs.

      • EJA

        No……just habitual thug criminal armed robbers, crack dealers, pimps, etc….. We should drone strike street corners in “the hood” where they congregate. A tiny percent of the population (all of which happen to be black) are responsible for 70% of ALL violent crime. Law abiding blacks would be helped more than any other group by their eradication since 90% of all blacks murdered are murdered by OTHER BLACKS. It’s a fact…… can look it up. Drug addicts should be given treatment….. crack dealers should face extra severe penalties so as to discourage others from doing the same.

      • nathan bedford

        so you admit niggers are low IQ, violent savages that need to be exterminated? thanks, stupid nigger loving liberal.

  6. guy r west

    its our right to defend our self’s against those who would do us harm and the police can not always bee close at hand . nor are they always the answer. how ever ide rather bee armed and able to at least try too defend my self and my familey if nessary than too bee at the mercy of some one intent on takeing whats our s or doing us harm God forbid that ever has to happen but if it does ide reather bee ready or as much so as i can

  7. Rationalthinker

    For every action…there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, several dead “Yoots”. No biggie…

  8. Liberty1941

    The gang members should have remained in their cages and enjoyed playing with their rubber tire swings. The armed public should raid their cesspool neighborhoods and kill all these roaches. If you are a gang member, you are a dangerous criminal and death is your choice,.

  9. Devin Manning

    They had criminal records….how did they get guns?!?!…………zzzzzzzzzz

  10. Devin Manning

    Now this is Inspirational story, unlike NFL players coming out of the closet.

    • christianh

      So will you be brandishing weapons more…? Do you say anything when police shoot people or beat them to death…?

      • Marna McAlexander

        Depends on why the shooting occurred. Sometimes it is necessary.

  11. Jason Nelson

    Criminals need to be taught a lesson. This is the perfect kind of lesson. Mess with a free person, and you might eat some .44 slugs for dinner.

      • Marna McAlexander

        Probably, but you know, you can lead a horse to water….

      • EJA

        We should have school choice……..down with failing schools and lousy teachers.

      • christianh

        You mean like the Charter schools that are graduating less people while costing more…?

        You’re a SUCKER…

      • EJA

        Yea you are right…..teachers unions have done a bang up job educating minorities. You are a very confused person.

  12. Joe Barnhart

    My “feel good” story for the day. That’s what I call “good” gun control! Putting lead on target!

  13. Santa Chuck

    Give that man a public service award. Of course that won’t happen in the communist state of California. He will be lucky if he doesn’t face prosecution for defending himself and his property before this is all over.

    • Andy Green

      our have green peace hassle him for using lead bullets and not steel shot…

  14. Mark

    This guy is one cool customer. Trains with the guns, works out, and prepares mentally. You think the gang members would know his reputation and stop trying to rob him. But that would require some rational thinking. We have a little store in a city I work in that has shot 4-5 people trying to rob them, killed a few of them. The locals never try to rob it as the know the employees will come out shooting.

  15. Steve Barker

    It’s a national disgrace that he had to close his store because of the threats from openly active criminal gangs threatening to kill him.

      • Andy Green

        Your so stupid! Those criminals probably couldn’t spell vote, muck less democrat or republican.

      • christianh

        It’s no wonder the rich in red states are taking more services away… And paying your pols to laugh at you…

    • christianh

      You mean like the Moms Against Guns who were stalked by “good guys” with guns…?

  16. ozlanthos

    Sounds to me like Lance was targeted for eviction by another party. They got what they wanted eventually, but not because they scared him, or killed him…and they lost 6 lieutenants in the process of trying to get rid of him…


  17. ابو صالح الصنبحي

    God bless you Lance, protect what’s yours from the scum of the earth.

    • christianh

      Wow, I’d love to meet some of you… We could discuss your ignorance…

      • Pokkuru

        Ignorance about what? Negroid crime? I’m very well informed about that, thank you very much. You, on the other hand, have some work to do as far as independent thought is concerned.

  18. M. Faze

    Way to go Lance!! You saved the State of California Millions of Dollars trying to Find, Convict and house these Low Lives. Just shows that one race has no regard for the life (or Lives) of others. By showing their ANTI-Social Behavior, and thinking they should live off the HARD Work of others (especially in this case, a WHITE MAN!

    I was a Former Policeman, and the training I received would be one where I would NOT SHED A TEAR for ANY DIRTBAG that pulled a gun on me or others. When they use a GUN, they have a FULL INTENTION of using that GUN. There are many incidents where UNARMED innocent people were killed because the IDIOT didn’t want to be Identified later. This is why I support the Second Amendment, and I will carry a GUN (Registered of course) and use it if need be! Pray to GOD I won’t need it. But PRAISE GOD IF I DO!

    • christianh

      Yeah the white one that locks up people for fun while taking food out of the mouths their own poor children…