Writing: A Talent or a Skill?

Plenty of writing accompanies everything that students encounter from elementary school up to college or university level. It also represents the phase of life where most students discover their talents and horn their skills. So can writing mean talent or a skill?

Writing as a Talent or Skill?

It becomes essential to understand what talent and skill mean before venturing forward to discuss writing components. According to ghostwriting jobs, talent often represents something crucial that naturally comes from within, while you must learn a skill. Seth Godin, a writer, delved deeper into the debate about writing as either a talent or a skill. 

Well, plenty of crucial things in the world today come as skills. If an individual can learn something by employing training and effort to become an expert, that activity qualifies as a skill. While it can potentially become a reality that specific skills become easier compared to others for talented individuals to learn, it always happens that you will not want to expend your energy in understanding the next skill.

On the matter of writing, Godin seems quiet about the post proving a writing blog post though every rationale points to it proving one. Plenty of individuals believe that writing comes as a talent, but the reality proves different as writing comes as a skill. It becomes easier for gifted people to comprehend and become good at it, and all it needs entails the motivation and determination to learn.  

Further, you have to believe the conception that if you have the drive to learn how to write or become better at writing, then you possibly can. The realization of how to identify a skill can become empowering, and it can open the windows of possibilities.  

However, other writers believe that writing has to come as a talent for you to become successful. For instance, Jessica Lynn, in her post, details that writing, contrary to what one of her readers had stipulated- that it entailed a skill, essentially constitutes a talent. She further goes ahead to say that writing can get categorized as both a talent and a skill. 

Lynn argues that talents can get natured, and as much as you will have the innate ability to write, you will have to nature and finesse the delivery of the content. However, she agrees that because of this natural ability, it also proves a skill.

Components that encompass talent include accepting honest criticism from your editor, the ability to sculpt your writing craft, voice, and writing style. Additionally, talent entails aspects such as editing or rewriting that can do wonders for your story.

As much as Lynn alludes to the ability of anyone learning how to write, she further implies that it becomes challenging to accomplish. However, with practice, it starts getting simpler. Going by the skill definition, when you do something and practice it often, you become better at it in the long run.


The perception about writing as either talent or skill will always vary based on an individual’s persuasion. However, writing encompasses both aspects of talent and skill and can better fall under this category.


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