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Wounded Veteran Barred from Six Flags Rides (VIDEO)

A veteran in a similar condition was killed by a roller coaster in 2011.

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Sgt. Stephen Jackel has two prosthetic legs; the Purple Heart recipient was maimed while serving in Afghanistan in 2011.

While visiting a Texas Six Flags with his daughter, Jackel discovered that a Six Flags policy requires customers to have one functioning leg and one functioning arm in order to ride roller coasters.

Six Flags says the rule is in place to ensure that customers are safe and secure as they ride the park’s coasters. In 2011, a veteran in a condition similar to Jackel’s died after falling out of a New York roller coaster.

Jackel says he respects the park’s rule, but is upset that Six Flags has not refunded his tickets – and that he was not told about the rule until after he’d made the purchase.

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