Benefits of Working From Home


There are times when working from the office isn’t an option. It could be pandemic related (been there, done that), a technical issue at the office meaning that something isn’t working or you could just be plain sick and you’re not well enough to make it into the office and don’t want to spread your illness to others.

Whatever the reason, the option for working from home is there to take advantage of. Other reasons having a business that works from home could be something that you could consider.

No Rent

If there’s no longer a need to have an office space because people are working from home, then you no longer need to pay for rent. Depending on the size of the business this could be a massive saving. You might have to contribute something to your staff for using their wifi and utilities, but in the long run, it works out for the best.

Less Commuting

With an average commute time of nearly an hour, working from home is a benefit to your staff. If all you need to do is swing your feet out of bed and walk to your desk, you’re allowing your staff more time to sleep. With working from home, there is less need to get ready; no need for makeup or getting into your smart work clothes. Unless you’re needed on zoom, you can sit in your pyjamas and enjoy your extra time.


Having your staff working from home means that you’re not restricted from where you hire. Anywhere in the world is available to you. This means that you have better access to talent from around the world and, if you’re required to provide 24/7 service you can hire people in different timezones to prevent working unsociable hours.

Productivity Increase

If you work from home, you’ll find fewer interruptions. Sitting at your desk in an office means that there’s not much stopping people walking up to your desk and asking you questions, stopping your flow of work. When people are working from home, it’s more difficult for people to interrupt. This means that if you’re in the middle of an important task, you can focus on this and respond to any messages afterwards.


The more benefits that you can offer your staff means that they are more likely to be loyal to your business. In turn, the more loyal your staff are to your business the less likely they would be to leave, meaning that you will increase retention in your business. 


This all doesn’t mean that you should shut down your office and make everyone work from home, as it does come with its challenges. Having some sort of IT Support London would be needed, because what would happen if their equipment goes down? And you have to think about the social aspect as well as people wouldn’t be able to talk to each other as easily. But working from home is certainly something to consider in your business, even if it’s just part-time.

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