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More and more women are choosing to study marketing, and then either going into careers at marketing firms, or starting their own companies. This has been a growing trend over the last 10 years, but what’s making all these women desire a career in marketing? Why do they think this would be a good path for them?

The Changing Ways of Marketing

With the growth of the internet, the marketing industry is currently experiencing a big change. With more people now using blogs, social media and other web based forums to market their companies, the world of marketing is having to adapt. A marketing firm now has to offer these services to keep up to date. There couldn’t be a better time to enter the profession, as studying marketing now involves learning all these new skills, giving women an advantage when it comes to finding a job once they have graduated.


Careers in marketing can offer women a certain level of flexibility. It’s quite easy to set up as a freelancer, but even if you work for a firm, there is quite a lot you can do from home. Women, in particular, are attracted to these working conditions if they have children, or are considering having children in the future. There is also the option to study for a marketing degree online. This is an ideal choice for women who don’t want to put their careers on hold, or who have young children to take care of, thus preventing them from attending a physical college.

Creativity and Vision

Many women are drawn to a career which allows them to express their creativity. They enjoy working in an environment that really challenges them creatively and lets them express themselves, while still using a logical thought process. Even while studying an online marketing degree program, women really get to express themselves creatively, and often enjoy the challenge of meeting the client’s needs with their own vision, and working collaboratively to reach the desired outcome.

Communication is also a key part of the job which excites many women. That’s basically what marketing is, communicating between a brand or business and its target market, and making sure they’re given the information needed in a new and creative way. This appeals to many women.

Ability to Progress

Unfortunately, in many jobs, there still seems to be a mentality of it being a “man’s world”, where women don’t necessarily feel they will have the same chance to rise within the profession as men. Women do not feel they’ll have the same limitations if they enter the world of marketing, they see other women not only really enjoying their work, but also rising to the top of the profession, and gaining respect from their peers and clients. This is something that really appeals to women.

Women who choose to study marketing, love the course, and the knowledge that they can go on to a long and rewarding career which allows them to have a family if they so choose. What modern woman wouldn’t want this?