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Top 5 Influential People Who Gave Us Donald Trump


by Brian Nichols

Donald J. Trump: Businessman, reality television star, and Republican Presidential Candidate.

During the 2015 Republican Primaries and into the 2016 general election, he has seemingly defied the odds to rise from the man who was famous for proclaiming “You’re FIRED!” to the next potential leader of the Free World. But don’t be fooled, he did not do this on his own. In order to win over wary conservative voters in the primaries to secure the GOP nomination, Trump needed some strong, persuasive conservative and Republican voices to help reassure the base that he was “their guy.”

While Trump’s boisterous antics were able to win over the alt-right/low-information conservative and GOP voters, it wasn’t enough to secure the nomination alone. So who most helped prop him up as the presumptive GOP nominee?

5. Mayor Rudy Giuliani


Giuliani, a fellow New York City politician who famously bore the title “America’s Mayor” after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, was one of the first figures within the GOP to embrace Trump. As early as April 2016, the former mayor endorsed Trump, while insisting that he would have no role within the campaign apparatus.

This would later prove to be inaccurate, as Giuliani became a regular surrogate who frequented news programs in support of Trump. Giuliani, who himself is a former presidential candidate, also gave a fiery, hawkish speech at the Republican National Convention in July in which he (in)famously stated, “You know who you are, and we are coming to get you” in regards to potential foreign terrorists.

Giuliani’s endorsement and subsequent campaigning and stumping for Trump undoubtedly put the more neoconservative, hawkish establishment wing of the GOP at ease.

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