Why You Should Seriously Consider Using E-Signature Technology

Signing a document in ink has been a common means of officially and legally agreeing to everything from employment policies to client-vendor deals for centuries (if not millennia).

Thus, it’s understandable when someone assumes that this form of making various types of agreements official would remain the go-to method for years to come. However, new technology may be rendering traditional ink signatures obsolete.

Specifically, e-signature innovations have demonstrated why certain weaknesses of ink signatures may need to be addressed. To better understand why you or your organization may benefit from embracing e-signatures, consider the following points:

E-Signatures May Be Safer Than Ink Signatures

There are a number of reasons why even those who are familiar with e-signature tech have been slow to incorporate it into their own lives and work. One is the fact that they may worry about whether e-signatures are safe.

Luckily, this is not an issue they need to be concerned about. Not only are e-signatures safe, but there’s good reason to believe they might actually be less prone to forgeries than traditional signatures.

This is because an e-signature isn’t merely a digital image that resembles an ink signature. An e-signature is actually more akin to a code or algorithm. It contains certain unique digital qualities that directly link it to the individual signing a document.

That means that in order to forge an e-signature, someone would usually need access to the login information and device of a person whose e-signature they were attempting to forge.

Accessing someone’s login info is much more difficult than finding someone who can create a convincing forgery of their signature. This is one of many reasons experts are starting to suggest that e-signatures may represent one of the safest ways to ensure documents are signed authentically. Additionally, since e-signatures are difficult to forge, unscrupulous business partners and clients will be less able to successfully lie about whether they signed documents if you require them to provide e-signatures instead of ink signatures.

Saving Resources

E-signatures can be beneficial to virtually anyone. That said, they might be particularly helpful for business owners.

Although the cost of paper and ink might not seem like a lot, over time, spending money on printing and mailing can be more expensive than you think. You can save a lot of money by signing documents digitally instead of printing them out and signing them with ink. Because this allows you to sign documents without having to send or receive them via mail, it also saves you a lot of time, allowing your business to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Be aware, consumers are increasingly prioritizing the importance of sustainability. If your business conserves resources by embracing e-signature tech, you could improve your brand reputation.

These are just a few reasons you should consider experimenting with e-signature technology. Whether you’re a business owner or merely someone whose work often involves signing documents, the benefits of using e-signatures are numerous. Take advantage of them before the competition does.


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