Why the Left Doesn’t Believe in Science

From Hypeline.org

By Stephen Rowe

If you are talking to a person of the Left, they are quick to point out climate change yet will dismiss all economics behind their policies. They are quick to demand higher wages while forgetting the business owners. Our country doesn’t run on unicorns and pixie dust, it is powered by the economy.

The laws and science of economics are very real. You can’t be pro-science if you ignore scientific facts. The Left is very good at claiming science is on their side, but almost never consider the science of implementation.

Just think about the recent policies the Left are proposing:

“Free College”

“Free Healthcare”

“Higher Wages”

The list goes on and on. In short, the Left is promising a Utopian vision of how the world should work. And their only suggestion for paying for the bill? Taxing the Rich.

Once you demystify who the rich are, the utopia vanishes. The rich are family doctors who studied 50+ hours a week to get through medical school. The rich are the engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, scientists, programmers, and other professions. In fact, the “rich” in America are households who make above $130,000/year.

The “rich” are already taxed at a much higher rate than the middle-class. The money to support the Left’s policies cannot be supported by taxation.

The promises of the Left also don’t factor in our National Debt, which is almost $19 trillion dollars. Our government already spends more money than they gets from taxpayers.  So how in the world can the Left promote all of their promises when it will only increase the amount the government is spending?

The laws and science of economics exist. The Left can’t believe in economics and promote their policies at the same time.

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