Why should you buy positive reviews to promote your app

Do you want to buy positive reviews for your app but don’t know whether it’ll pay for it? We’ll give you reasons why ordering reviews to market an app is worth it. You can solve lots of your marketing problems: from improving KPIs to increasing your reach. Let’s get to know how positive reviews affect your app.

1. Improving your image

Creating a positive image is essential to gain customers’ loyalty. There can be lots of situations when you need it. For instance, when competitors are trying to defame you and order low rates for your app. You should inform the store about it, but it’ll take some time. To save your reputation and boost your rank, you can order positive reviews. Also, if your app is brand-new, they will be useful to catch the interest of users. 

2. Indexing keywords

The Google Play algorithm considers reviews to associate your app with certain keywords. You can add search terms to your comments and get to the index by them. After that, it’ll be easier to promote keywords and bring your app to the top. However, note the keyword density in your texts. The algorithm will delete comments with keywords stuffing. Use approx. one search term per 20 words. 

3. Enhancing conversion

Most users read through comments and take into account ratings to choose an app. You’ll attract more customers if you have more glowing reviews than your competitors. Take your chance to emphasize your benefits and main features. A comment like “The best time management app for young moms. Now, I have more time for myself” represents both your target audience and its pain points. So, your potential users may read it and understand that they face the same problems. It will give a stimulus to install your app.

Buy positive reviews and improve your app performance!

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