Growing use of Cryptocurrency with Casinos

Having skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade or so, cryptocurrency was always going to find its way into the casino industry eventually. Crypto is now becoming an important part of the casino world and looks set to stay.

Many analysts believe that crypto is perfectly suited to online casinos, offering an unparalleled degree of security, cost efficiency and convenience.

While many traditional casinos will still only accept regular fiat currencies, a growing number of online crypto casino platforms have catered to growing demand.

These casinos have proven a hit with crypto fans, offering instant crypto betting from anywhere in the world. Integrating the blockchain principles of privacy and security, betting with a crypto casino can be a far better overall experience.

Why are crypto casinos growing in popularity?

Online crypto casinos open up the world of gambling to pretty much anyone on the planet. Additionally, they offer several advantages over conventional casinos that make them an appealing choice.

        Instant: Most traditional online casinos take around a day to process transactions and allow withdrawals. With a reputable crypto casino, your transaction will usually take just a few minutes.

        Secure: Gambling with a crypto casino means your bank details are not shared or at risk of being compromised at any time. Essentially your funds benefit from the same degree of cybersecurity in blockchain technology.

        Low fees: By conducting all of your transactions with cryptocurrency, you can save a lot of money on deposit, transaction and withdrawal fees. Fiat currency platforms will usually charge a fee or percentage for your activities.

        Bonuses: Many crypto casinos will offer attractive bonuses for new and existing members. Earn a huge amount of crypto simply by playing.

        Fewer limits: Betting at a crypto casino usually comes with fewer limits, enabling you to make higher deposits and withdrawals.

        Accessible: Many countries and provinces do not have access to traditional casinos. With a crypto casino, you can gamble from practically anywhere in the world with an internet connection and crypto wallet.

        Privacy: You don’t have to share any of your personal information with a crypto casino, making it a far better platform for anonymous betting.

Online gambling as a whole has grown significantly in recent years, with crypto casinos in the perfect position to make use of secure and efficient blockchain technology.

Crypto is more popular in casinos

Many casinos have now integrated cryptocurrency into their existing payment options, essentially adding a third dimension to their operation. Traditionally, a casino has benefited from two revenue streams – gaming and non-gaming.

Alongside its range of gambling options, casinos can also make money from hotels, dining and entertainment. With cryptocurrency, a brand-new frontier opened up which many casinos duly welcomed.

A big factor in the growing acceptance of crypto is that it has become more user-friendly in recent years as more investors get onboard. It is now a considerably more practical financial resource to use on a daily basis, making it an ideal currency for gambling.

Better user experience

Every crypto gambling experience needs to happen on a digital device, and fortunately users have a wide range of options available.

With a crypto casino, you can instantly start gaming from any digital device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV or computer. As the quality of our personal devices grows, the online gambling experience will only get better.

Payment speed is a particularly attractive part of the crypto casino package. In most cases, you will receive your payouts within just minutes. This is a much different experience from a conventional online casino, where you can be waiting for several working days to receive your winnings.

Where to find a crypto casino

You can register with an international crypto casino and begin playing immediately. One of the most reputable platforms is Cloudbet, which offers hundreds of live games and slots alongside a full sportsbook, including eSports.

This casino is also offering an unbeatable 5 BTC bonus for new members. Established in 2013, Cloudbet is a reliable crypto casino with glowing reviews and many important features, such as customer life support, low fees and several supported cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. 


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