What Is Jira Align ex AgileCraft And What Are The Benefits Involved

This might be the very first time when you are hearing about Jira Align and have no clue why it is so important among masses. In layman’s terms, it is targeted as one Enterprise Agile Planning platform, designed to connect work to product, portfolio management and program at larger scale. It will bring in together and connect variable data harmoniously to help you get real time and completely informed reporting across various organizations.

Jira Align is pretty different from Jira:

While Jira gets to connect teams to one another, Jira Align will connect teams to business. Most of the large enterprise organizations will use it for ensuring that teams enjoy right visibility into real time based portfolio plans, product roadmaps, dependencies and similar such options. It is hard to get those with Jira only.

Now you must be wondering if it integrates with Jira or not. The answer is yes. Recent studies have shown that around 80% of the Jira Align customers are using Jira at team based level. Therefore, the integration is already proven to work at scale and then perform at a robust manner for a long term. It is great for some of the year-long based installations. 

To be sure, such form of integration will go well beyond the simple field based mapping. There remains a logic crafted in it. It helps to detect any form of anomalies and some synchronization options as well. It will allow the present customers to promisingly handle some of the inconsistent user practices in here.

Jira Align is pretty different from Advanced Roadmaps as well:

It is true that Jira Align ex AgileCraft will help you to solve any form of business agility based challenges. It does that by connecting strategy to proper execution and even measuring the outcomes. It will help you to improve the value delivery to customers and at every possible level of the organizations and across various portfolios and programs. 

  • Jira Align is also proven to be the only solution available, which can be configured for supporting your present framework choice. It will include the hybrid or custom ones.
  • Jira Align will also take you well beyond the world of real time based visibility well into work. It will work towards true enterprise evolution and promising transformation.
  • On the other hand, you have Advanced Roadmaps, which can easily help you to visualize the work that is otherwise taking place within the Jira Software. 
  • It happens to be one major fit for all the teams making up the agile team. It will work to the advanced programming level.
  • Through Advanced Roadmap, you get the chance to create one realistic plan and get to manage dependencies. You can further manage the capacity and get to share one visual roadmap of all the future releases.

Benefits that you care to get with Jira Align:

Through this platform, you can connect the business based strategy to its willing and much-needed technical execution. All these can be done in the real time visibility rate. 

  • The same service will allow the enterprises to aggregate the team level based data and make all work completely visible through the total enterprise and all within real time basis.
  • You get the great opportunity to connect all possible layers of scale together. It helps everyone to remain on the same page and they get to determine the roadmaps, scope and dependencies across multiple portfolios and teams.
  • Moreover, you get the opportunity to connect some of the strategic investments with the present customer value. It is created for driving some of the outcomes faster and in a more reliable manner.

It is one secure platform to consider:

Jira Align was purpose-built for the scale, and thoroughly designed for accommodating the firms along with the size of customers. The cloud architecture scales are always on demand and offering consistent reliability and performance level throughout. For those firms with specified compliance and security requirements, there are private cloud options available as well. The data centers are here to utilize latest industrial standards for implementing premium quality network, server, physical and application based security. Moreover, you will receive data redundancy measures with proper information based security policy. The main goal is to ensure data integrity of the organizations.


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