What does cannabis cure?

There are a number of less serious and life-threatening diseases that cannabis can also help get rid of. Moreover, in the medical centers, Tallahassee medical marijuana after a personal consultation with a doctor, where the specialist will determine the desired dosage and frequency of use of the medicine.

Chronic and acute pain

The cannabinoids THC and CBD can block pain receptors in the brain. It is scientifically established that, together with opiates, which are needed in small amounts, they bring the maximum pain relief effect. It makes it possible for patients suffering from various types of cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases with severe pain symptoms to stop feeling pain. It is important that at the same time the amount of narcotic substances is minimized, and sometimes you can completely refuse them.

In addition, marijuana does not have strong side effects and contraindications, unlike codeine or opium.

Marijuana is also used to eliminate other types of pain:

  • postoperative;
  • caused by chemotherapy;
  • chronic;
  • post-traumatic.

Medical marijuana also helps people with HIV to cope with pain.


The elimination of nausea in people who have undergone chemotherapy, and the improvement of appetite in HIV-infected people, is one of the most significant and often used effects of marijuana. It also helps with seasickness and improves the overall emotional state, making life more comfortable. In the vast majority of cases, it is used to help young patients, because in old age people can hardly tolerate the psychoactive effects of cannabis.


Marijuana can lower blood pressure inside the eye. Unlike any other synthetic drugs, it does not have any negative effect on the liver and kidneys of the patient. Today it is actively used for the treatment of glaucoma. Recently, special cannabis-based drops have even been developed that eliminate the problem without the psychoactive side effect.


Marijuana is able to relieve bronchial spasm, which allows you to stop an asthma attack. It expands the airways, allowing a person to breathe in full breasts. In the methodological literature, a lot is written about these qualities of marijuana.


Indica is very good at helping a person cope with insomnia. It pleasantly relaxes the body, bringing a feeling of bliss. The use of cannabis also prolongs the phase of deep sleep, during which the body recovers.

Stress and depression

But best of all, marijuana helps to cope with the most common ailments of our time – stress and depression. It calms the nervous system, relieves fatigue and helps the mind to escape from the routine reality. In addition, everyone is well aware that marijuana is an excellent cure for boredom and bad mood.

Why does marijuana heal?

Marijuana has healing properties due to the content of cannabinoids and other active compounds. It is their proportions in a particular variety that determine its therapeutic effect. Generally, medical marijuana is high in CBD. It is due to the fact that in this case, patients do not experience a powerful psychoactive effect.

Although, there are medical grades with high levels of THC. They are more used to combat depression, insomnia and stress. In cases where you can combine business with pleasure, that is, the recreational and medical effects of cannabis.


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