TLR Exclusive: Bill Weld Rallies on Election Eve, Clarifies on Clinton

Bill Weld Hillary Clinton

by Jenna Ranger

Governor Bill Weld held an election eve rally at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall Monday night accompanied by actress and fellow Libertarian Melissa Joan Hart. She is known for her starring roles in popular T.V. shows such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa and Joey. Governor Weld has recently come under harsh criticism from members of the Libertarian Party for his comments favoring Hillary Clinton. While it is obvious that the media has much to do with Bill Weld’s seemingly uncontrollable urge to constantly sing Hillary’s “praises,” you can only blame them so much.

Here are some of the questions and answers from last night’s press meeting:

1. “What would be your message to undecided voters in swing states considering between Clinton and Trump?”

Weld: “I think it’s nothing to compare between the two of them. Donald Trump is not fit to be President of the United States.” He goes on to attempt to clarify that he is not suggesting one should vote for Hillary Clinton, stating, “At the same time, we’re looking for every vote nation wide to get over that 5% figure.”

2. “Fair to say you hope Hillary Clinton wins the presidential race?”

Weld: “No. I hope Gary Johnson and Bill Weld win the race, but if we don’t, I hope she does.”

3.  Between Clinton and Trump would you say ‘vote for Hillary Clinton?’

Weld: “Absolutely! I’ve sort of said that from day 1,” following up with, “But I’m saying, you know, if you can see your way clear to vote the party in the middle, that would be the Libertarians, that’s our first choice.”

After about 10 minutes of back-and-forth with the clearly liberal media, attempting to bait Weld into endorsing Hillary Clinton, I mentioned Gary Johnson for the first time since the former Massachusetts Governor entered the room, asking simply “to clarify, in a swing state where one is deciding between the THREE candidates, Gary Johnson, Clinton or Trump, your suggestion would be to vote Johnson?” He replied ” To Johnson, yes! To the Libertarians, yes!”

Imagine my disappointment when he immediately followed to answer: “We want people to vote Libertarian, but I understand in very close swing states there may be different dynamics at play, but in places like Massachusetts, where Mrs. Clinton is way, way, ahead, I would encourage everybody to vote Libertarian.”

I was able to have a moment to speak with Governor Weld and Melissa Joan Hart about whether or not they thought the media was intentionally baiting him into speaking so favorably of Mrs. Clinton. Melissa immediately answered with a laugh, “Yes! Can I answer for you?” but before I could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that at least he was aware, Weld chimed in, stating, “I wouldn’t say they’re baiting me, I think it’s fair game.” Hart went on to remind Weld that the media had just asked him about Clinton “seventeen times,” but Weld continued to insist it was all “fair game.”

Tomorrow I will cast my vote for Gary Johnson. Voting third party in this election is more important than it has ever been. However, I will do so with incredible disappointment in Weld’s representation of Gary Johnson and the Libertarian party this election cycle.

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