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Weather Channel Airs Global Warming Propaganda Targeting Children

by Chris White

The Weather Channel released a video Tuesday featuring children as propaganda tools to hector parents into taking up the fight against climate change.

The video, titled “When Kids are Talking Climate – Maybe it’s Time to Listen!” uses children to tell parents to stop wasting time and become a climate change warrior while there’s still time.

“Dear Mom and Dad, the science is clear.” they tell their parents in the video. “Science says that the impact of climate change could be very catastrophic during my lifetime.”

To hammer the point home, the video’s producers directed the kids to question their parent’s parenting skills — good moms and dads worry about how climate change will affect their children’s health.

“If 97 out of 100 doctors said I’m sick, would you care?” one of the youngsters said, essentially using the classic tug on heart-string routine to hector their parents into taking global warming seriously.


The Weather Channel’s ploy is not new. Researchers generally believe that children can change the way their parents behave and act in certain circumstances.

A study out of the University of Oregon in July, for instance, found that talking to kids about global warming caused their parents to act more like environmentalists. The research was run by a legion of Girl Scout troops in California and had a “lasting impact on family energy consumption.”

“Children are a critical audience for environmental programs, because their current behavior likely predicts future behavior,” Hilary Boudet, an assistant professor of climate change and energy at Oregon State University and the study’s lead author, wrote in a press statement at the time.

The goal to use kids in a “Village of The Damned” style move to turn parents into environmentalists could get stymied by environmental extremists suggesting trick-or-treating may hurt Mother Earth.

The environmental website TerraPass encouraged parents to “start a new trend and skip the candy handouts, opting for more sustainable treats as a greener way of participating in the festivities. Instead of candy coated, sugary bites, offer up little storybooks, crayons, playing cards or toys.”

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