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*VIDEO* Rand Paul bites at Sec. Clinton: “Where in the hell were the marines!?”

Blood in the water!

Senator Paul took a direct shot across the bow of former Secretary Clinton for the growing boondoggle in Benghazi.

img_hillary_clintonA growing backlash from misstatements by Obama’s press Secretary Jay Carney has turned partisan attacks into a full-blown scandal. Although the death of the SEAL’s and Ambassador to Libya was originally blamed on a video, it appears that the White House deliberately deceived the American public. And worse, they used it as an attempt to clamp down on free speech.

Senator Rand Paul is most likely running for President of the United States in 2016. And if he does, his main opponent is likely to be Hillary Clinton.

Is Senator Paul taking a few bites so she can’t come back to bite him in the end?

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