Right to Bear Arms

*VIDEO* Active Duty Soldier carrying AR-15 arrested and disarmed

What happened to the right to bear arms?

Texas police detained an active-duty Army sergeant for the crime of “rudely displaying” his AR-15 style hunting rifle. The soldier is claiming he was illegally arrested and disarmed. The man’s son was on scene to record the footage because the two had been on a hike to complete his Eagle Scout badge. The sergeant has established an online legal defense fund and is asking for help to fight back against what be believes to be a violation of his 2nd amendment rights.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 10.44.18 AMIt’s incredible to think that in this day that a veteran hiking with his son could be arrested for simply carrying a hunting rifle. What does “rudely displaying” mean? Did he brandish it menacingly? Did he point it at them? It’s hard to believe that a man with his son would be so foolish as to point a loaded rifle in a police officers direction. What would have been the reason for detaining him?

The officer who arrived on the scene to subdue the Army sergeant says that “in this day and age, people see you carrying a weapon like this and they’re alarmed…” The arresting officers also state clearly they are “exempt from the law”. They don’t think people should be carrying rifles around that might offend someone. Pure political correctness can now be used to restrict gun rights if an officer of the law decides to exercise arbitrary power backed by public sentiment.

The US constitution clearly grants an individual the right to bear arms. But when the state’s enforcers come down, in the end, it’s only a piece of paper. It’s up to the people to defend it.