Vegan Claims Non Vegans Eating Tofu Is Appropriation. Um, What?

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According to an online vegan eating Tofu if you also eat meat is appropriation of vegans. Try telling that to the Japanese.

The Daily Mail reported on the bizarre exchange that took place after one member shared a recipe for Tofurkey in a Facebook food group. Another member privately messaged the posting member to initially thank her for the recipe, but then completely lost it when she found out the poster was not a vegan.

Read the exchange below:

The idea that Tofu is strictly for vegans and vegetarians is ridiculous. As someone who eats a regular Japanese diet, we use Tofu in meatballs to stretch the ground beef. We put tofu in miso soup, which is generally a side when the main dish is meat or poultry. Sometimes we’ll just cover tofu in soy sauce and chives when we eat seafood. This is how Japanese diets have been long before veganism became a self righteous trend in America.

Vegans, nobody is appropriating you by eating Tofu. It’s not in short supply as it’s easily cultivated. You’ll be fine. You don’t own it. Stop appropriating the Japanese by laying an exclusive claim to Tofu. It’s even a Japanese name.


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