Trump To Appear At Convention Center During Anime Convention

Trump To Appear At Convention Center During Anime Convention

Hide your kids and hide your waifu. President Donald Trump will be speaking at a GOP dinner at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio on August 24th. As it turns out, the GOP dinner will be sharing convention center space with an anime/gaming convention called Matsuricon.

Matsuricon tweeted regarding the event:

A convention center is generally designed to be capable of holding multiple shared space events simultaneously, but the large turnout Matsuricon attracts along with the security required for the President is likely to present some challenges. Of course, this is also in conjunction with the inevitable protests that will occur outside of the convention center with ANTIFA super soldiers disguised in Naruto cosplay.

The Matsuricon convention is featuring guest panels from voice actors like Ben Diskin, Cherami Leigh and Erika Harlacher, whose professions will become obsolete once Trump makes anime real. The event will also hold Pokemon card tournaments, gaming tournaments and cosplay contests.

The GOP dinner is expected to feature dinner.



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