Triggered America: Ice Cube’s Fans Outraged Over His Collaboration With Trump

Rapper and actor Ice Cube’s fans are having a meltdown over the news that he has worked with the Trump administration on their Platinum Plan.

“Facts: I put out the CWBA. Both parties contacted me. Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA”, Cube tweeted Wednesday.

The news that the rapper even sat down with President Trump has Twitter raving, claiming he is a sellout for even agreeing to sit down with Republicans and the Trump administration in the name of helping black Americans.

Ice Cube’s involvement in the Platinum Plan has him branded a “traitor to his race” by individuals who once called themselves his fans. This criticism of Cube’s decision to reach out to the Trump administration to make a change has to be among the most asinine statements a human being could utter. The evidence of this is displayed in the fact that those who once called themselves fans of Ice Cube’s work have now branded him a traitor for trying to shape the policy of the current administration.

It downright foolish to tie anyone’s ethnicity to a pledge of allegiance to any political party. That is the mentality of a slave and not a free man. Government works for the people. Men are meant to be free and as prosperous as their own industry will afford them, not to live as servants to a bureaucracy. I applaud Ice Cube as he appears to be using his platform to make a positive change for the black community in America. Who could fault him for that, except those who wish to keep the boot of government on the necks of black people in this country?

The truth of the matter is white Leftists who seek to shut Ice Cube up are no different than slave masters, and their black allies who aid in this effort are the modern equivalent of black overseers whose only objective was to keep slaves in line, giving themselves the illusion of power.

Ice Cube did not endorse President Donald Trump, nor is he cozying up to the GOP; the same could be said about the Democrats. Cube made it clear that he reached out to both Republicans and Democrats regarding what he has coined a “Contract with Black America” and that, so far, Republicans were the only major party who would agree to have an audience with him.


“Everybody’s been mad at me because I didn’t jump on the f**king gravy train of these candidates, especially Joe Biden and Harris. I don’t – none of them – no president has done right by us, so I don’t trust none of them. So putting all of our hopes and dreams behind any of them just don’t work, we gotta make them do what we want them to do, and there’s only a few ways to do that.”, Cube said in a video posted to Twitter last Sunday.

There are few details currently known about what implementation of The Platnium Plan would look like; however, it has been announced that it would include collaborating with cities and counties to address mental illness and substance abuse, further criminal justice reform, and remove barriers to employment in the black community such as occupational licensing, employment fees and expungement of inaccurate criminal records.

Even though the mainstream media and many of Ice Cube’s so-called fans are trying to cancel him, he appears to be having a good day when it comes to fighting to break down barriers that face the black community, and “he didn’t even have to use his AK!”

Image: screenshot Twitter

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