2016 Presidential Race

Top 7 Reasons Why Marco Rubio Should Never Be Elected President

Rubio’s Out-Dated Brand of “Conservatism” Not Useful in 2016

by Josh Guckert

On Monday, Marco Rubio announced his 2016 presidential campaign, joining Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton in their aspirations for the Oval Office. Since being elected to the Senate in 2010, Rubio has long been considered an up-and-comer in the Republican Party. However, he has in many ways betrayed the “small government” principles which he continually espouses. Rubio hasn’t been in politics long, but he has shown his true colors enough to know that he should be nowhere near the Presidency. Here are the top 7 reasons why Marco Rubio should never be elected President.

1. He’s a neo-conservative interventionist.

In a speech to the Brookings Institution in 2012, Rubio stated that he is in favor of a robust foreign policy, arguing for intervention in Syria and also concluding that eventual involvement in Iran may be necessary. In answering his own devil’s advocate question about whether the US should “mind its own business,” Rubio stated that “what happens all over the world is our business.” He also voted in favor of funding and supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels in 2013. During a 2010 Senate debate, Rubio claimed that the Iraq War made America and the world both safer and better off.

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