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#ThotAudit Troll David Wu Dies, Rises Again Before Easter

Earlier this week, notorious Facebook troll and sh*tposter David Wu passed away, according to Facebook.

Wu was the instigator of the #ThotAudit joke, where claimed he was targeting girls with Premium Snapchat accounts and reporting them to the IRS for unreported income.

The stunt caused a huge uproar in the Libertarian community, prompting a half hour long podcast from Austin Petersen who tried to explain the joke. You can listen to that below:

At the beginning of March, David Wu’s account was memorialized as if he were deceased.

As it turns out, someone managed to trick Facebook into thinking Wu was dead by sending a fake obituary or death certificate. Some form of death documentation is required by Facebook to complete a memorialization request.


When an account is memorialized, this has the effect of keeping the account up and completely disabling any activity on the account. It’s essentially a permanent account suspension unless you can convince Facebook that you’re actually not dead.

It appears that David Wu was successful in having his account reinstated. Wu has risen. It’s an Easter Miracle.

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