Snapchat Sex Workers Being Reported to IRS For Taxes?

[social_warfare]If you’ve spent any time on Facebook in the last two days, you’ve likely come across posts from or about David Wu.

David Wu allegedly is reporting sex workers who pimp themselves on Snapchat to the IRS.

Sex workers on Snapchat pimp their wares with abandon, grabbing up dolla dolla bills from thirsty denizens of social media. Ladies who prostitute themselves on Snapchat may not be paying their full share of taxes however… and that’s where our story begins.

A Facebook post sounding the alarm about Wu received over 12,000 shares and caused a tremendous stir.

David Wu had indeed shared a post of this nature, and his post was shared over 17,000 times.

He claims that he has reported girls who have Premium Snapchat accounts to the IRS for unreported income. He encourages others to do the same, and provides the link for reporting suspected IRS Tax Fraud, where you download and fill out the 3949-A form and return by postal mail.

Premium Snapchat is a service where users can sell lewd or nude digital content by charging fans a subscription fee.

But is this claim just an elaborate troll to rustle jimmies? It appears to be most likely.

I was not able to locate the screenshot of the public post Wu shared where the identity was blotted out. Plenty of parodies of this post exist since the meme went viral, but no original.

Even if an original did exist, what is likelihood that it is authentic? Not likely.

The IRS 3949-A form is a fairly specific form.

The form is asking for personal identifying information and financial information, none of which you would ever be able to obtain from their Snapchat. The form is designed for someone who has personal knowledge of an individual with insight into their finances who has reason and documentation to suspect Tax Fraud.

To simplify that, if there’s one thing a government employee doesn’t want to do, it’s a whole lot of work. Especially if the one filing has nothing financially credible to document. A form like this that only contains a Snapchat handle is destined for Iron Mountain, or a similar shredding service.

A few Twitter users noticed this as well.

But please, don’t let any of this get in your way from enjoying the shitshow. Even more importantly, the memes.


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