Things to Look For In a Distributer When Buying Wholesale Hemp Products

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Are you looking to purchase wholesale hemp products, but you’re not sure where to begin? Fret not. Here you will find some of the best ways to sort out the bad distributers from the good and pick the wholesale distributer that’s right for you. Check out these helpful tips down below to begin your journey of finding the best wholesale help distributor for your needs.

Check the Certifications

When you search for a hemp distributer, it’s important to always check their certifications before settling on a deal. These certifications tell you all the important information about the products that they offer. Some of the information you’ll find through their certifications include:

  • THC Levels
  • CBD Level
  • Terpenes Level
  • Cannabinoid Level

In addition to the various property levels found in their products, these certifications also let you know where they grow their hemp and if they are pesticide free. All of these aspects are important because they give you an overview of the hemps quality and how dedicated the distributer is to providing high-quality products. Almost all reputable distributers like are happy to share their certifications with you and you can also check out their reviews, previous clients, and past sales.

Prices and Selection

When it comes to picking a wholesale distributer, it’s important to consider the selection of products they offer and the price of these products. As you’re looking at their prices, compare them to your customers needs and the capacity at which you can push the products out to cover the cost. Also, when considering the price, compare it to the quality of the product to make sure the price point reflects the products quality.

In addition, it’s important to pick a wholesale distributer that offers a variety of products. As the hemp industry continues to grow, you want access to a wide selection of products including oils, creams, treatments, tinctures, and other items. Plus, look for distributers that offer some of the most popular brands and specialty brands that are limited to that specific distributer to give yourself access to all the types of products out there.

Consider The Source

Before purchasing any products from a distributer, you should find out where and how their hemp products were source. While all hemp is natural and comes from the same parts of the hemp plant, it’s quality may vary depending on how its sourced. Check to see if the hemp is cut or tainted, as well as whether it’s trimmed, seedless, and stored correctly.

In addition, it’s important to make sure that all the hemp products they offer is all-natural. You do not want products that contain fillers because it throws off the hemps natural balance and can cause ill side-effects to your health when it’s consumed. Never purchase from a distributer that doesn’t offer premium, high-quality hemp products or that doesn’t provide you with all the information about how their hemp products were sourced.

Promotion Support

If you want to make your life easier, it’s important to look for a distributer that offers promoting support as a part of their wholesale process. With promotion support, you can inform your workers and your customers better about the products you offer and the benefits of hemp. In addition, this will help you avoid the unreliable, discount distributers that continue to pop-up across the world as the hemp industry explodes.

Legal Aspects

In most states, buying hemp products for consumption is not illegal according to varying state laws. However, many states have developed a system that allows them to manage the sale of and prevent the exploitation of hemp products. This system requires that special forms are sent in and that they are notified of the purchase of all hemp products. More so, they also require that these products have third-party lab testing to ensure their safety and quality.

The process of abiding by this system is time consuming and if done incorrectly, can lead to your products being seized by local law enforcement agencies. To simplify your life, you should look for a distributor that offers a law enforcement notice in your product purchase package. This also gives you peace of mind knowing your products will reach you safely and that your rights as a consumer are protected.

Support System

As you pick a seller for your hemp products, always look for distributers that offer varying degree of support. As the hemp industry continues to grow, many organizations are becoming overpowered and cannot offer their buyers the support they need. In fact, many organizations are so overwhelmed, they cannot defer their orders, have unreturned calls piling up, and often miss items that buyers order.

As you can see, with a little research and some basic knowledge about wholesale distributers, you can easily find the right distributer for you. Always try to compare several distributers before making a final decision and check out their reviews to see how other customers felt about their experience.


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