The Doe Discuss – Journalism Is an Indispensable Part Of Society

Despite all the back and forth about what constitutes fake news, journalism plays a key role in the shaping of national identity and has done this in the United States.  As with most things, the internet changes the scope and type of journalism jobs out there.  It has also made it more accessible to every member of society who can now see the millions of words journalists write each day.

Of course, there are issues with journalism and websites such as The Doe have been created to try and combat problems it sees in the press. However, they still see the fundamental benefits and here argue why it’s an indispensable part of society.

The Invisible Branch of The Government

Journalists are not simple editors, writers or news anchors which is something noted by Odyssey.  They are the watchdogs of society and the most visible part of the First Amendment right to free speech.  Freedom of the press is something guaranteed in the constitution and this means journalists cannot be censored by the government.  It also means that prior restraint which is any attempt to stop a story being broadcast or published in illegal.  All of this results in journalists being the preservers of the right to free speech.

Creating Original Content

The digital age is full of reports and retweets on all social media platforms and more.  While a lot of the reposts are articles, others are simply rumor.  When an article is posted, it is original content and the creator of that content is a journalist.

Journalists look for sources to shed light on the truth in their work.  This simply means they perform research and that is very important.  Without any research and verification of information, the news across the internet will be no better than rumors or a meme that people may have trouble proving.

The Code Of Ethics

Anyone who defines themselves as a journalist will have to work by a code of ethics.  There are 4 tenets listed by the Society of Professional Journalists that all journalists should adhere to.  These tenets are:

  • To seek the truth and report it
  • To act independently
  • To minimize harm
  • To be transparent and accountable

Acting with integrity is something that any ethical journalist will need to do.  These principles are what ensure the integrity of this job path and promote the free exchange of information.

Content To Shape Opinions

Journalists will provide reliable content that comes from research and showcases the different aspects of a subject.  What they report helps people understand complex issues that they would otherwise find difficult.  Journalists should frame the issues and present the sides of an issue to help the public.  They are meant to provide the public with the information they need for healthy and intelligent discourse.

Making Lives Better

As journalists are committed to finding the truth and presenting this truth to the public, they are expected to provide fair opinions.  After all, the news is a part of life and something that people consume each day.  It also needs to provide all people with the best possible information available for them to make informed decisions about many aspects of their lives.

The journalism world exploded in the 21st century.  Any student who is interested in journalism can find a range of jobs that will help make people’s lives better. A great place to start is by contributing to The Doe, take a look and start to make a difference.




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