The Advantages of Managed Kubernetes: Simplifying Container OrchestrationThe Advantages of Managed Kubernetes: Simplifying Container Orchestration

What is an app container? It is a technology that incorporates the binary code along with all associated configuration files and other necessary components. The advantage of this approach rests on the fact that the program can run regardless of the operating system used. It is packaged in a special shell, inside which there is already an environment necessary for operation. The most famous and common orchestration platform is a managed Kubernetes.

Why is it worth noting?

Kubernetes (also K8s) is an open-source project launched by Google nine years ago. It allows you to plan and automate the management of containerized apps and make them work on any device. Today, this highly developed ecosystem helps companies solve many infrastructure and operations challenges, so developers can focus solely on coding and innovation. Today, the project is supported by many corporations, including Microsoft and IBM.

Top-3 advantages

There are many reasons to use K8s. Among them are:

  • Ease of installation and configuration. Among the settings that need to be customized are access rights, network settings, monitoring, backup, file storage, and more. To avoid complications, you can use managed Kubernetes. Any specialist familiar with the platform at a basic level can create a ready-made cluster in the cloud.
  • Reliability. The managed platform works in such a way that apps are distributed across multiple nodes. There is also an automatic recovery function. The system automatically distributes the load between the nodes and ensures the round-the-clock uninterrupted operation of your software. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cybersecurity and regular updates. All this minimizes the need for manual intervention.
  • Last but not least. The platform allows you to monitor key parameters and essential metrics. This will allow you to optimize the performance of your app and provide the best experience for your customers.


The Kube platform is one of the world’s leading tools to manage container-based apps. If you have an application, you should consider moving it to a managed platform. GCore will offer you 100% implementation support, and the system itself will become a reliable IT solution for years to come.

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