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#TeamTrees by MrBeast and Mark Rober Planting 20 Million Trees by 2020

After Youtuber MrBeast reached 20 million subscribers in June 2019, his fanbase urged him to celebrate his milestone with an impactful commemoration: planting 20 million trees before the end of the year to combat climate change. Enter #TeamTrees. 

“Today, we will be planting 20 million trees”

In a video uploaded on October 25, 2019, MrBeast announced that he and fellow Youtuber/former-NASA engineer Mark Rober started to plant 20 million trees.

After a long day of planting, Rober, MrBeast and their respective team reached a mere 300 trees.

That’s when they decided to partner up with the Arbor Day Foundation. For every dollar, this non-profit will plant a single tree.

“It’s our chance to show the world that our generation is more than a retweet generation”, MrBeast commented.

Support throughout the YouTube community

“You’ll see the entire YouTube community come together, as you’ve never seen before”, added Mark Rober in a personal video.

And it is true. A tree planting service Des Moines would be best. 

MrBeast who is renowned within the YouTube community for his larger-than-life stunts (my favorite: counting from 1 to 100,000), soon received support from the entire YouTube Community: Pewdiepie, Fine Bros, The Try Guys, the Slow Mo Guys, and many others donated and promoted the initiative.

“Less whining more epic action. I think it is a really cool project”, adds PewdiePie in a video.

Can they reach 20 million by 2020?

MrBeast and Mark Rober have more than 60 days left to reach their goal. Hopefully, they can reach their goal. Personally, I support their initiative for it’s a great demonstration of the power of the free market (compared to governmental policies).

As of this writing, #TeamTrees reached around $6 million (including a $100,000 donation by Mr. Beast himself).

You can donate here:

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