Students Post Videos About How To Lie To Get A Teacher Fired (VIDEO)

No Teacher’s Pets Apparently 

A recent investigative report from KRIV-TV from Houston has uncovered a shocking amount of videos from kids who are teaching each other how to lie to get their teachers fired.

“So, we’re going to tell you guys about how we got our first grade teacher fired,” a young boy said. “What first happened is we got the suckiest teacher ever,” the other little boy said. “I forgot her name … but she’s gone.”

The boys were angry because of a standard punishment system the teacher had in place that included warnings, written punishments and getting sent to the principal’s office.

“Anyway, how we got her fired … we just kept going to the principal’s office and telling her [the teacher] was harassing us,” one of the boys said. The boys describe using hidden cameras to record their teacher and use them as evidence in their case against her.

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