Streaming Services in 2018

Video streaming services first started as add-ons to DVDs and digital downloads. With time, the world witnessed advanced internet connections, robust streaming devices, and the rise of mobile videos. Alongside these, there was also the growth of dedicated streaming services with their own content besides the regular TV shows and movies. As noticed by the Libertarian Republic, streaming services could well replace the humble television soon.

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TLR believes that streaming services have their own advantages. There are no huge cable TV bills, no substandard quality videos, and no waiting until a specific time to watch a certain show. TV shows and independent movies are getting more interesting by the day, and streaming services are cashing in on the trend. So how do you know which is the best streaming service?

Let’s look at the top five streaming services today to help you decide.


The dad of all streaming services, Netflix is so popular that it’s almost a verb now. The first service to get the most attention, Netflix is hard to beat in terms of quality, selection, and original content. There are shows now being made exclusively for Netflix. Whether you like to watch original content or your favorite TV shows, Netflix is the best place. Subscription begins at $7.99 per month, and 4K support is at $11.99.

Amazon Video

Amazon’s streaming service begins at $8.99 a month, compared to which Amazon Prime is a lot cheaper at $99 a year. Plus, Prime includes Amazon Video, Amazon Photos, Amazon Music, and several other Amazon services. Even though Amazon has a library of more than Amazon has about 40,000 titles, only a few of those are included with Prime. Besides, Amazon also supports offline downloads.


There used to be a free plan, but Hulu has scrapped it now. The basic plan now begins at $7.99 and offers full seasons of new, current, as well as classic shows. While other streaming services get their hands on a TV show a long time after their debut, Hulu gets it at the same time as the debut because the service is backed by several production houses. There is one annoying feature of Hulu, and that is ads. Even the ad-free plan at $11.99 a month has a few seconds of pre-roll and post-roll ads in popular shows.

Sling TV

Although a more expensive option at $20 per month, Sling TV is more like traditional television and less like an internet-based service. With each plan, you get live access to TV channels, from The Food Network to TNT, to CNN and more. Not all channels are available in the starter packs, so you have to keep adding if you want to watch more channels.


When you are looking for the best streaming service, how can HBO be far behind? The first TV channel to have a streaming service of its own, HBO Now is an online platform where you can watch all major shows from the network. You can sign up for a free trial on Apple, Google Play, or Amazon, and watch shows only minutes after they debut on the HBO network.

The Libertarian Republic is a powerful online news source for the public, with an average of 1.5 million unique visits monthly. It believes that the best streaming service will depend on individual preference, but these are the ones ruling the charts at the moment.



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