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By 1776

When people ask me if I vote, I explain to them that voting is basically pointless, so why waste my time? The political system, while giving the appearance of democratic participation, is really an oligarchic regime masquerading as a representative of the people. Upon hearing my explanation, people typically become uncomfortable and defensive. They insist that, while certainly subject to flaws, the US political system is fundamentally accountable to the people. To bring that into question is to strike at the heart of the political system’s legitimacy.

Yet there is ample evidence that the US political system, far from being a representative democracy or a constitutional republic, really is an oligarchic regime that does what it wants, without any regard for the will of the people.

Nowhere is the deep state’s disdain for the people more evident than in a recent opinion piece by John R. Schindler, a former NSA analyst and all around security state maven. In it, he claims the intelligence community is in revolt against President Trump. Not only are they expressing grave reservations about Trump’s competence, but about his basic loyalty to the country. For these reasons, unnamed officials within the intelligence community have decided, of their own accord, to withhold vital intelligence from the President.

Regardless of what you think of Trump, he is the duly elected President. To withhold intelligence from him while treating him like the agent of a foreign country is borderline treasonous. What’s more, it evinces utter contempt for the electoral process that made Trump the President. So, really, what’s the point of voting when a bunch of unelected careerists in the intelligence community can defy and undermine the president with virtual impunity?

With this astonishing opinion piece, Schindler has essentially laid bare for all to see what an absolute farce the US government really is. Instead of deferring to the will of the American electorate who put Trump into office, the intelligence community have decided to defy the vote and the elected President. That they believe their actions to be in the best interests of America is utterly irrelevant. It is neither their place nor their prerogative to make such a determination. Yet they have made it just the same.

Indeed, from the first moment Trump demonstrated independent thinking with regards to Russia and NATO, the intelligence community marked him for destruction. Every step of the way they sought to subvert and weaken him as a candidate and a president. Thinly veiled attempts to manipulate the electoral college; salacious and spurious intelligence reports leaked to the media; provocative maneuvering in the Congress and the diplomatic bureaucracy; and now an outright declaration of a “revolt” where vital intelligence is withheld from the man charged with protecting the country from terrorist attacks and other threats.

Is it any wonder, then, that so many Americans lack faith in the political system and the electoral process? Could the arrogance and contemptuousness of the un-elected deep state be anymore obvious or infamous?

So the next time someone extols the virtues of our wonderful American system, be sure to remind them who is really in charge. Because the longer we live under the illusion that the people rule, the harder it will be to regain control of our own political destinies. And maybe, before long, the American people will have a revolt of their own.