Spa Owners: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Investing in New Software

Owning your own spa or gym is great most of the time. Things can get even better if you ditch  the current software that limits what you can accomplish without having to resort to manual workarounds. If you’re ready to get rid of that aging Mindbody software and go with something else, do compare the different products on the market and see what you can find. Along the way, make sure the software that you ultimately choose covers all these bases.

Choosing Software That Doesn’t Need Constant Add-Ons

What you really want is SPA software for booking, scheduling and management that does not require constantly downloading and installing add-ons. It would be so nice to have software that would work right from the get-go. It would be even nicer if you only needed to upgrade to the newest version no more than once a year. With this type of solution, you and your staff can spend more time focusing on taking care of your client base and still get all the other things done in a timely manner.

Go With Software That Makes Running the Business Easier

Speaking of managing those daily tasks, do go with a software package that allows you to manage just about everything with fewer steps. Posting payments or updating class schedules should not have to be a difficult chore. The right type of software will allow you to enter data and run reports with no more than three or so steps. Think of how much time that would save and what it would mean to getting more done during the typical business day.

Selecting Software That Makes Communicating With Customers Easier

The software that you choose should also make it easier to communicate with your clients. That includes sending out notices about upcoming special events, special days when they can bring guests at no extra charge, and new classes that will be accepting registrations soon.

Quick and easy communication is good for everyone involved. You get to make sure everyone knows about upcoming events and they never miss out on the chance to sign up for something that they would enjoy. Best of all, the right software and accompanying app allows clients to reply and register without having to do so in person or by phone.

Opting for Software That Clients Love to Use

Ideally, your choice of software will be one that your clients enjoy using almost as much as your staff. The interface should be simple, intuitive, and easy to learn. Everything from checking in when they arrive at your spa to signing up for classes to booking time with a personal trainer should take no more than two or three steps. By keeping it simple, you increase the odds that those clients will use the product and that they’ll be less tempted to see what the other spa in town could do for them.

Remember that an investment in the right spa software is an investment in the longevity of your business. Select something that makes life easier for everyone from class instructors to your clients and the odds for growth will remain strong. The right investment now will serve you well for a long time to come.


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