Should You Move Your Car Via Open-Air Transport?

Unless you’re planning on selling your car and buying a new one after moving, you’ll need to figure out a way to ship your beloved car. Depending upon how far you’re moving, driving it to your new house might not be an option. The solution is professional auto transport, sometimes called car shipping, and it can be the answer to many different moving dilemmas. What it involves is pretty simple—auto transporters move cars by truck to save your car the extra mileage and the hassle of driving long distances. When you are searching for an auto transport company to relocate your car to another city or state, auto transport services are usually divided in two variants: 

  1. terminal to terminal and door to door car shipping 
  2. open-air auto transport and enclosed air auto transport shipping services.

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  • Open-Air Auto Transport

When the auto transport company uses its trucks to transport several vehicles at a time, it is an open-air auto transport and usually consists of trailers 75 and 80 feet in length. There are typically no sides and roofs on the trailers. Open air auto transport is popular and the least costly way of transporting your cars. It gives better visual contact to the driver, so they can easily check the vehicles while in transit. 

  • Enclosed Air Auto Transport

When your vehicle is transported in an enclosed trailer, it is known as enclosed air auto transport and it is usually a great pick for costly vehicles, antiques, luxury or expensive sports cars as they need higher levels of security and protection. Enclosed car shipping services also safeguard vehicles from the weather and any potentially damaging debris. But, a driver is not able to inspect the vehicles during transit and also it is less fuel efficient than open-air models.

Now before you start talking and booking anyone for your move, it’s important to check a few things.


  • Check Auto Transport Reviews


Make sure to check auto transport reviews and ratings to confirm you’re hiring a reputable company. Examine ratings, valid licenses and excellent reviews by auto shipping customers, but do your due diligence as well.


  • Check Auto Shippers Experience


Do thorough background research on the car shipper to make sure they have extensive experience in the industry and a good track record. You better use shippers that have had experience shipping the type of cars that you’re shipping.

This becomes even more important when you’re moving expensive luxury cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce, or any antique cars. If you’re moving any of these types of cars, ask your shipper about an enclosed car shipping rate. 


  • Check if they are a Broker or a Carrier


Many auto shipping companies you’ll speak to are brokers. Which means that they’ll book the job and then another trucking company will be contracted to pick up and deliver your car. Although it’s always better to work directly with a car shipper that handles everything themselves, if you find yourself talking to a broker make sure to do additional checks. 

In order to choose between open air and enclosed car shipping service, you need to consider factors like degree of security needed for the auto transport. are here for you to provide help and consultation.



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