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Sarwark is Optimistic About Future of the Party

by Elias J. Atienza

Nicholas Sarwark is the Libertarian Party chairman and was interviewed by The Libertarian Republic on issues ranging from the goal of reaching five percent, to the Libertarian Party breaking half a million registered voters, to being blamed for Donald Trump winning, along with Gary Johnson and Bill Weld‘s future in the party.

Sarwark notes that though the Libertarian Party did not break five percent, it still got their largest vote total in history, along with historic showings in other elections, such as Texas, where Mark Miller, Texas Railroad Commissioner candidate, got five percent and retained the Libertarian Party’s ballot access. Thanks to the 2016 elections, the Libertarian Party will have ballot access in somewhere between 37 and 39 states and Washington D.C. when it comes to the next election season.

In addition, Sarwark slammed Trump for picking people such as Senator Jeff Sessions and Representative Mike Pompeo for Cabinet positions, and hit him on his promise to “Drain the Swamp.”

Sarwark also spoke about the possibility of him running in 2020 as a LP presidential candidate, which he said he would come to a decision at that time, but that his main focus was the 2018 midterm elections.

Watch the full interview below:

  • claudemiller

    This is good to know, really it is, but would you please conduct a real live video interview with some professional polish so that when we share it with our friends we don’t have to be embarrassed that people might think we’re a bunch of amateurish wannabes w/o a prayer?

  • brainout

    What I hope the Libertarians learn from this election, is that WHOLE LOAF politics never works.

    Party members are way too prickly, insisting on their version of purity or they don’t want to play. That’s why the Dems lost, k? It is NOT compromise to SELECT a few TOP TIER issues which of course will EVENTUALLY make possible all the lower tier ones. That’s what johnsonweld did. Small Government was stressed, getting rid of the income tax was somewhat stressed (wrong to use Fair Tax as a template, right to say Sales Tax should replace), etc. Core issues.

    From those core issues the others can eventually be addressed. Without them, no. And without them, you have no COMMONALITY to communicate to an electorate conditioned to think either big-government D or pretend-small-government R.

    The only reason johnsonweld failed to win is lack of familiarity by the electorate. Having Libertarians voice their purity arguments absent recognition of the CORE as FIRST, didn’t help.

    Going forward, the message of the johnsonweld campaign needs to be stressed and continued. Ideally we’d have a year-round store of hoodies and t-shirts up to size 6X to sell, so that long before the next election, ‘Libertarian’ becomes FAMILIAR. Right now, it isn’t. So that is what we can do NOW.

    Alongside, carrying forward the SAME message as johnsonweld, even if they don’t run again. They had the right messaging idea. Please, lets learn to carry it forward daily.