Russian Dude Punches Bikini Girl In The Face On Live TV

Footage from a Russian television show is going viral which shows a man violently punching a girl wearing a bikini. The girl had just smacked him with her stiletto while trying to win a contest on the game show. The male contestant then turned around, knocked her off her feet and punched her square in the face as she lay on the ground.

Game show participants were doing a “touch the truck” contest to see who could stay the longest to win the vehicle. Apparently the contestants were getting angry with each other with sparked the blowup that led to the violence.

From the Daily Mail:

Most commenters on YouTube, where the clip has been watched more than 113,000 times, were shocked that a man could so suddenly dish out such a ruthless attack on a woman.  

But some who had seen the entire programme provided context that at least explained what had led to the attack. ‘He asked her multiple times to stop. She was hitting him, and others in the show multiple times, also spitting, cursing, etc. He just snapped, like most others would,’ wrote one commenter.

Another said: ‘She was antagonizing everyone on that set. Spitting on them, cursing at them, hitting them with shit, slapping them. The guy that ended up throwing her to the ground and punching her kept his cool the entire time until this point. Prior to throwing her down he had repeatedly asked her to stop, but she persisted.’

But others said that despite the provocation, his behaviour was out of order.

‘He broke her nose because she touched his face with a shoe? And you people think that’s a normal reaction? Let’s say that’s your mother or sister or girlfriend. Would you still say she deserved to get her nose broken?’ wrote one.



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