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Rapper ‘Bow Wow’ Threatens Melania After Controversy Between Trump and Snoop Dogg

By Brittni Kates

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Shad Moss, otherwise known as “Bow Wow,” took to Twitter the other day to defend Snoop Dogg against Donald Trump. Where it gets out of line is when he brings first lady, Melania, into the conversation. The tweet suggested if Trump didn’t “shut his punk a** up” they would “pimp out” Melania. What is truly funny about the exchange is the fact that liberals are the ones always complaining how men objectify women?

Rap artist "Bow Wow" threatened first lady Melania Trump in a tweet Wednesday. Image Source: Twitter.

According to the profile, this tweet is no longer up.

The issue began when rapper Snoop Dogg portrayed a mock execution of a clown set to look like president Donald Trump. Donald came out with a response pointing out how consequences would happen if he had did the same thing with Barack Obama. To be quite frank, it’s completely true that it would have been take much more seriously if the person in the video looked like Obama. And even though it would not have caused jail time like Trump suggests it should, there would definitely be more outrage.

Some have also found it funny that Snoop Dogg has recently come out against firearms and though he uses a firearm to kill Donald Trump in his video. Keeping in the theme of hypocrisy, many also find it funny that liberals have a weakness for objectifying the first lady, while complaining about ‘rape culture’. It’s just interesting to see some people all of a sudden want to revolt against a government, when they were the ones calling people crazy for fearing the government would become tyrannical under Barack Obama.

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