Rand Paul Vows to Filibuster Debt Ceiling Deal

Senator Rand Paul has had enough; says he will filibuster “steaming pile” debt ceiling deal

Rand Paul is known for his filibustering ways, and now he is at it again.

After learning about the details of the new “compromise” legislation to raise the debt ceiling–a deal reached by the White House and Congressional leaders on Monday–Senator Rand Paul called the agreement a “steaming pile of legislation” and has now pledged to filibuster the deal, keeping Congress working through the Halloween weekend.

The new budget agreement is a “compromise” to raise not only the debt-ceiling through March of 2017 but also increase defense and domestic spending $50 billion for this fiscal year and the $30 billion the next. The extra spending is “paid for” with revenue increases and budget cuts sometime in the future, a classic Washington D.C. trick full of treats in the short-term and empty promises in the long-term. That is, this deal is a compromise on any notion of fiscal restraint. Democrats get their domestic spending. Republicans get their defense spending. And America adds to her debt burden.

Rand Paul said of this unholy alliance, “It is horrible, it’s hard for me not to use profanity describing it.”

Rand took to the Senate floor a month ago to speak out against any “continuing resolution” which keeps the status quo or raises spending levels any further. Watch below, as a preview of his filibuster:

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